Players comment on the 49ers

New York's already faced its first-round playoff opponent, San Francisco, on Opening Night, Sept. 5. The 49ers came from behind and slipped by New York, 16-13, at Giants Stadium. <P> Here's how a few Giants size up the rematch:

"We matched up well with them the first time we played them. We had them beat until the very end. We're a lot better team now. I wasn't myself that game. I probably shouldn't even have been playing [injury]. Then I hurt my toe early in that game." – RB Tiki Barber


"I'd rather not play Tampa. It'd be a huge distraction all week. Plus Tampa has a pretty good defense." Tiki Barber, regarding facing his twin brother, Ronde, a Bucs cornerback


"It's great to get another chance at them. We let them off the hook the first time we played. Hopefully this time things will turn out differently." Omar Stoutmire


"We've played them before so we still know some of their schemes. We held in there pretty tight with them. I think we match up well with them. That first game, everything was kind of new to both of us. They outplayed us. They played well." Dan Campbell

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