The Real Deal on Kiwi 'Trade' Talks

So, where exactly do all these ridiculous rumors come from? They can't all come from morons on the Internet, can they?

For instance, about a month or so ago, so-called ‘reports' stated that the Giants and Browns were in discussions regarding a Braylon Edwards for Mathias Kiwanuka swap. Here's the funniest part of it all: Kiwi was never mentioned in talks between Cleveland and Big Blue. Not once. Not ever. The Giants never offered him. The Browns never inquired about his availability.

The unfortunate moral of the story is that you really can't believe anything you hear and read any more. Unless, of course, if it appears in TGI.

Want the real story on the trade discussions? TGI has it.

The Giants contacted Cleveland to ask about Edwards, the talented, but drop-prone wideout. New York offered its two extra draft choices that it received from New Orleans in the Jeremy Shockey deal, a second and a fifth. The Browns countered by asking for those two picks and receiver Steve Smith.

New York said no to parting ways with Smith, but said the Browns could have either Domenik Hixon or Mario Manningham. Cleveland balked and the talks died. At least for now. These types of discussions often have a way of reappearing right around draft weekend. Stay tuned.

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