Real Deal Still Real

The Giants have had no public reaction to our story regarding the club's potential trade talks regarding Braylon Edwards.

But this afternoon, in what could hardly be classified as a coincidence, all the beat writers filed reports shooting down parts of our story. All the reports, which cited an unnamed source, claimed that no Giants players were discussed during talks with the Browns.

A common reaction to reports like these is often to deny that any players were mentioned in an attempt to protect those players and maintain team harmony. We saw what just happened with Jay Cutler in Denver.

To say that no players were involved and to suggest that only draft picks were mentioned is understandable. After all, draft picks don't have feelings, or agents, and are less likely to be upset when they hear the news that they might have been dangled in a potential deal.

I just want everyone to know that TGI stands by our original story with 100 percent confidence. - KP

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