Steve Mariucci talks about the Giants

"We started breaking the Giants down a week or two ago along with some other teams. We got a good jump on it. Needless to say they are playing very well."

Q: How are things different in preparing to play the Giants this second time?

A: Well obviously we have regular season games to look at rather than the pre-season games and the prior years' games.  So that is a difference.  We started breaking the Giants down a week or two ago along with some other teams.  We got a good jump on it.  Needless to say they are playing very well.

Q: What are your impressions of Jeremy Shockey and Tiki Barber?

A: They are very good players.  Jeremy Shockey was a first regular season game rookie when we played them the first time around.  We certainly evaluated him high in the draft and felt that he was going to be a good player.  But now he has certainly proved that.  He is a dominating tight end in the league, he is very confident, he brings a lot to that team, not just in a production standpoint of catching and blocking.  He has a certain swagger to him that I think adds to the chemistry of that team.  He is much improved and doing a good job.  Tiki Barber has become a dominating sort of back, an all-purpose back.  He gets a lot of yards from scrimmage and is one of the fine backs in the league.  We face a lot of good backs from Marshall Faulk to Priest Holmes to Deuce McAllister to LaDanian Tomlinson and Tiki
Barber is right there with him.  He is one of the fine backs in the league and I love his commercial too.

Q: Were you surprised about the way that the Giants were able to slow down Terrell (Owens) in the first game?

A: We didn't come away with as many catches and yards in the passing game as we would like in that game.  There were a few missed throws and drops..  Coupled with good coverage and all of that sort of thing the ball simple didn't go in T.O.'s hands as often as it has in the rest of the year.  So I thought that they did a good job.

Q: What do you think of Will Peterson and Will Allen?

A: Good young corners.  They are second year players that are really becoming veteran like and improving every week and becoming confident.  When they get into their Nickel packages they don't seem to rely much on blitz and pressure.  They like to cover and expect pressure with their front guys.  I like their secondary.  It is an aggressive secondary and is one of the finest secondaries that we are going to play against. 

Q: How do you think that the Giants have changed since week 1?

A: We already spoke about Jeremy Shockey's contribution and development.  Other than Hamilton they are relatively healthy and have developed some continuity and some play-togetherness, playing with confidence and that sort of thing. Kerry Collins has performed well and consistently throughout the season, relying on arm, accuracy, arm-strength and that sort of thing.  Amani Toomer is coming up with big plays all over the place.  It is just a solid football team in every area. 

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