Q&A with 49ers LB Julian Peterson

Q: Do you think you can make Tiki fumble the ball? <P> A: Yeah.

Q: What do you recall about the first game facing Shockey?
A: He is tremendously better since the first game when I first went up against him. He is doing a great job of getting separation, he is a good run-blocker, very physical and he has a defensive mind on offense. He is very aggressive running the ball and doesn't try to take the punishment. He tries to deliver the punishment. I like that. He has a lot of confidence in himself, but it can also hurt him. He'll get frustrated and then blow a couple of plays. It is going to be a great matchup out there. I am going to
have fun. I am enjoying it. I am so motivated right now it is unbelievable.

Q: Are you the kind of guy who matches up well with him?
A: The coaches have a lot of faith in me to match up with him. He has enough faith in me where I have the feet to stay with him. I am a bigger-type guy on him. I am going to jam him up a little. I am going to have some help inside and there will be some plays where other people are guarding him. We are going to have a good time out there.

Q: Have you seen linebackers in the past have success with him?
A: They do so ways to try to get him open. He is will outside, in space a lot and a lot of linebackers can't cover space like that. A lot of people check him within the box area. They try to isolate him sometimes and even if they go man-to-man he is such a great athlete that he can beat a linebacker the majority of the time 1-on-1.  Like I said, the coach has a got a lot of faith in me in the open space to put my hands on him and play pretty good technique and sound ball.  So it should be a good game in there and very physical. 

Q: Do you expect that the footing might be a problem on Sunday?
A: The footing wasn't too bad and all you had to do was put a little bit longer cleat on and you'll be ready to go.  It will probably work to our advantage anyways their breaks will be kind of messed up.  Usually we are breaking the ball just as good as they break so it is going to be a good match-up both ways.  I don't think that either side is going to have an advantage.  Maybe more towards us because we are going to have our 12th man on the field with the crowd plus we pretty much know the footing is out there because we have been out there for 8 games now. 

Q: Is it slippery?
A: At certain parts in the hash it can get kind of slippery.  But it doesn't make a difference.  This isn't any time to make excuses , it's the playoffs and you know that.  There aren't be any excuses out there on Sunday.

Q: What makes Tiki Barber hard to deal with?
A: Since he was kind of injured at the beginning of the year he has been doing a great job.  He is doing a good job of cutting it back, great speed on the outside, great hands, but right now right now I think that he has a psyche problem covering the ball.  We are going to go ahead and go at the ball a couple of times.  He put it on the ground three or four times on Sunday.  So we are going to try and put some hats on it.  But we are going to make sure that we don't over-pursue so he doesn't cut back and get some of those lanes and make some big runs.

Q: Do you think you can make Tiki fumble the ball?
A: Yeah.  But like I said he is a good athlete.  I am pretty sure right now he is working on holding the ball and just working different kind of drills trying to hold onto the ball.  We are going to do our same technique and go at the ball and make sure that we get more than one person try to make the tackle and make sure that we gang tackle.  We pretty much try to swarm and contain everything and just try to hats on the ball.  So hopefully we can put some hats on it and put the ball on the ground and hopefully give our offense good field position. 

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