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So far in free agency the Giants have done an outstanding job addressing the defensive line with the additions of Chris Canty and Rocky Bernard, linebacker with Michael Boley and safety with C.C. Brown. But there is still work to be done in the draft. They have four primary needs that should be addressed in the first three rounds.

They can do this with the extra second-round pick they obtained from New Orleans in the Jeremy Shockey deal. Those needs, in our opinion, are WR, LB, TE and LT. Let's look at some possibilities in the draft.

Round 1 – The Giants currently hold the 29th pick in round one. We believe the Giants' strongest need is at WR. This presents a problem. What they need is a number-one receiver. They already have all the complements in place. The problem we see is that no matter which WR they select it will take some time for him to adjust to the pro game. The Giants are a ‘now' team. They need someone who can contribute immediately. So unless they trade for Anquan Boldin from the Cards or Braylon Edwards from the Browns, the offense will be similar to last season after Plaxico went away.

We have this pick coming down to two receivers. If you want a receiver who resembles Boldin, then Hakeem Nicks from North Carolina is your guy. If you want a receiver who resembles Plax, then Kenny Britt from Rutgers is your man. Nicks is 6-1, 212, can run a 4.55 and has great hands. He could be around when the Giants pick at 29. Britt is 6-3, 218, and he runs a 4.53. His hands are somewhat inconsistent. He will almost certainly be there at 29. Neither is a burner, but both have great upside.

The pick: We would select Kenny Britt from Rutgers. He is a very real deep threat. Domenik Hixon will have to carry the load while Britt adjusts to the NFL. Eventually Britt will develop into the lead receiver they need. It is our opinion that the Giants should try to make a trade for an established receiver and if it means giving up this pick then so be it. Boldin might be too expensive, but Edwards could be had for a reasonable price. He is coming off a poor year, but still has tremendous talent and clearly needs a change of scenery.

Round 2A – They have the 13th pick of the second round from the Shockey deal. We think the two second-round picks they have are very important. They can help the team at a reasonable price contract-wise. We believe OT William Beatty from Connecticut will be there at this pick. He is 6-6, 307, and athletic enough to run close to a 5.0 forty, which is excellent for an offensive lineman. What is most important is that he is above-average in his 10-yard time.

The pick: We would select William Beatty, OT from Connecticut. It is becoming clear that Guy Whimper will not be the answer to eventually replace David Diehl, who would be best-suited at guard. Diehl is an average left tackle. They give him help and together with the rest of the line it works for the most part. Kevin Boothe proved he cannot play tackle, but he does have a future at guard and perhaps center. He is worth keeping.

Round 2B – With the 28th pick of the second round we are looking at two LBs. We like OLB Marcus Freeman from Ohio State and we like MLB Darry Beckwith from LSU. Freeman is 6-1, 239, and he ran a 4.69 at the Combine. He is a very strong player. Beckwith is 6-0, 242, and he ran a 4.80 at the Combine. He is a below-average athlete, but he is a player. He is the type where you have to throw out the stopwatch and just watch him play.

The pick: Because of the ages of Antonio Pierce and Danny Clark we are looking to add another LB. The problem is they don't know what they have in Jonathan Goff. He is very quiet and isn't really the vocal leader type we look for in a MLB. We believe Bryan Kehl will be a player. We think he has great upside if they can get him to play within the system. At this point it looks like Zak DeOssie is nothing more than a snapper. It might be time to give up on the oft-injured Gerris Wilkinson. So we believe the player who would make the most sense with this pick is Marcus Freeman, OLB from Ohio State.

Round 3 – With the 27th pick of round three we look to fill our final need of the primary four we established. We will look for a TE and with this pick we would select Chase Coffman, TE from Missouri. This is no knock on Kevin Boss. We believe he will continue to get better in all aspects of the game. We just think he needs someone to help him out in the passing game. Coffman has great hands. He is 6-5, 245 and he runs a 4.8, which is not great TE speed, but he has a lot of intangibles. He's not the greatest athlete, but the guy can catch the ball. He would definitely help Eli Manning keep the chains moving.

The pick: Our choice is Chase Coffman, TE from Missouri. We are thrilled with the job Jerry Reese has done to date, but one mistake we believe he made was not pursuing Tony Gonzalez more actively. He would have been a huge help, especially in the red zone.

Round 4 – With this pick we would take Paul Kruger, DE from Utah. Kruger is 6-4, 263. He ran a poor forty at the Combine clocking only a 4.9, but his first step and 10-yard speed is excellent. He is a pass rusher. We know they have Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka, but except for Dave Tollefson, that's it. We would look at Kruger as a nice insurance policy at DE.

The pick: Utah DE Paul Kruger

Round 5A – With the other pick obtained from the Saints in round five, we would take Nic Harris, S from Oklahoma. Harris was a safety for the Sooners and he was a productive player. The problem is that he ran poorly at the Combine, where he ran a 4.93. With that time at 6-2, 234, we think he would be a good nickel or dime linebacker. He is a hitter and he should be able to cover most TEs.

The pick: Oklahoma S Nic Harris

Round 5B – With this pick we would take A.Q. Shipley, a center from Penn State. At 6-1, 304, he is a decent athlete. He has good mobility and we think he is a lot like Shaun O'Hara, who will not last forever. A pure center, Shipley will add depth at the center position in case they do not re-sign Grey Ruegamer.

The pick: Penn State C A.Q. Shipley

Round 6 – In this round we are looking to bring in a strong challenger to kicker Lawrence Tynes. They had the luxury of having nearly-perfect (until the end) John Carney last season and they can't be thrilled with Tynes' inconsistency. So for that reason our pick in Round Six is Louie Sakoda, K from Utah.

The pick: Utah K Louie Sakoda

Round 7 – Our seventh-round pick will be Emanuel Cook, S from South Carolina. He is 5-10, 197, and he ran a 4.6 at the Combine. With this pick we are looking to add safety depth behind Michael Johnson, Kenny Phillips and C.C. Brown.

The pick: South Carolina S Emanuel Cook

Sabo's Draft

1 – Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers
2A – William Beatty, OT, Connecticut
2B – Marcus Freeman, OLB, Ohio State
3 – Chase Coffman, TE, Missouri
4 – Paul Kruger, DE, Utah
5A – Nic Harris, S, Oklahoma
5B – A.Q. Shipley, C, Penn State
6 – Louie Sakoda, K, Utah
7 – Emanuel Cook, S, South Carolina

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