What Was Giants' Best Offseason Move? Part 2

Ken Palmer and Paul Schwartz discuss the Giants' offseason to date as well as the draft.

Paul Schwartz: Can't really argue too much with you, as Canty is someone I never thought the Giants would get. Heck, it's no time to argue anyway. We'll save the heavy-duty sniping until it gets closer to training camp although this next one could ruffle your feathers. I don't think the Giants can get by with the collection of receivers they currently have on their roster, assuming that Plaxico Burress will not play for them in 2009. A combination of Domenik Hixon, Steve Smith, Mario Manningham and Steve Smith is not good enough. There's no one to keep defensive coordinators up at night to worry about, that's for sure. Still, I can't fault Reese for not signing a veteran receiver in free agency. There wasn't anybody out there to really excite me. T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a very good player but he's not worth $10 million a year and wouldn't have been a true difference maker with the Giants. Inking over-the-hill Marvin Harrison would not have been smart and although Torry Holt is intriguing, I don't think Reese likes old guys on the downside of their career. I don't either. I have no problem parting ways with Amani Toomer even though there's no tested veteran to replace him. What to do? Look below for my gameplan.

Ken Palmer: Perhaps the Giants know something we don't (now wouldn't that be a shocker?!), because they seem totally content to wait until the Plaxico Burress legal ordeal plays itself out at the end of March. To me, I can't fathom how he'll be able to walk away unscathed, although I sure am rooting for him. Even if he beats the legal system, I think the league office will slam him and suspend him for the embarrassment he heaped upon the image-conscious NFL. To me, the Giants were correct to wait until after Plax's fate was determined before replacing him. But I believe just as strongly that if he is unable to return to the Giants this season, they do need to replace him. He made too big a difference in the offense to think that just plugging in one of the other guys on the roster will be the answer. As a quick aside, and with no disrespect to Domenik Hixon, who's a fine player and an even better man, but how foolish was it for all of us to believe even for a second that he'd be able to replace number 17. Plax is a freak of nature, which is why he's been allowed to continue to play throughout the countless, various transgressions he's committed since joining the NFL. In short, I'm glad the Giants didn't sign any past-their-prime vets to replace Burress. But they also had better have a Plan B already in place in case things don't go so well on March 31.

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