Newberry mouths off about Giants

San Francisco C Jeremy Newberry created quite a stir earlier in the week when he proclaimed that the 49ers 'were going to kick the Giants ass.' Here's what Newberry had to say regarding his prediction:

RE: Still think you will kick the Giants ass?
"What kind of question is that? No, I'm terrified of them. I think the Giants are the best team in the league and I'm terrified of playing them. I just hope we can keep the score close. That's a stupid question. I think we can win definitely. What am I supposed to say: that I'm terrified of the Giants and we don't have a chance? Yeah I think we're going to kick their ass - I think that about every team we play. I think we'll win this week too."

RE: Is he worried about creating bulletin board material?
"What are they going to get fired up to play the game? They better be ready to play this game. I don't buy into that. They can say whatever they want. I'm going to be ready to play this game whether they say the 49ers are the greatest team out there and give them all the respect in the world - we know nobody believes that. I'm going to say what I feel - I think we're going to win this ballgame. If they get extra incentive to play this game, you have to bring everything you have to a playoff game anyway. It's do or die for us and them right now, so if you ain't ready to play this game, there's something wrong with you. If you need somebody to say something to get you hyped to play the game, then maybe you're in the wrong profession."

RE: Did he say it to fire himself up?
"That's what I believe. I don't go into any game, against any player, thinking we're going to lose the game, or hoping to keep it close. I think we're going to win the game, I think we're going to kick everybody's ass that we play. That's my personal opinion. Every time I take the field, I don't the guy I line up against is going to beat me and I don't think the team we line up against is going to beat me. That's what I feel every week when we take the field. If you ask me next week after we beat the Giants, I'll tell you the same thing. I think we'll kick whoever else's ass that we play too. Sometimes it doesn't work out that way. Sometimes they make more plays and sometimes we're on the wrong end of the game, but if you don't go in with the attitude of thinking you'll win each game, you don't have a chance in hell of winning."

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