Q&A with QB Kerry Collins

Q: What are the goals and the mindset of everybody going into the playoffs? A: Win the Super Bowl. We're in. Obviously, we know a lot goes into that and we know we are going to have to play well this weekend or we'll be out. We know that. That is everybody's goal once you get to this point and we're in and we need to have a good effort this weekend.

Q: Because you are on a roll, is your confidence level at its highest point?
A: I don't think there is any question about that. Our confidence level is
very high. We have played consistently well for about four weeks now. You
beat a good team like Philadelphia and it can do nothing but give you
confidence. So, I see a bunch of confident guys in this room. It is a quiet
confidence. We don't need to say anything or talk about anything or say what
we are going to do or not going to do. We are just going to go out and play.

Re: the 49ers have had their ups and downs, just like the Giants.
A: I think when you go through a 16-game season, you are going to be
inconsistent. We have certainly been inconsistent, but we feel like we are
peaking at the right time. They have pulled some games out and really have
played well. It is going to be a huge test for us, there is no doubt about
it. I have played there in games where it has been a playoff-like atmosphere.
It wasn't the playoffs, but it was very loud. They have a great home-field

Q: Does the season opener matter at all?
A: It matters from the standpoint that we know their personnel a little bit
and been exposed to it before. We don't know them that well. It has been a
long time. I think there certainly are some things we could have done
different that cost us the game, but at this point, we would both probably
say we are different team, and we are certainly playing with a lot more
confidence right now.

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