Game Conditions

The field at 3COM Park is notoriously slow and sloppy, and its condition has been exacerbated by the steady rain in the Bay Area over the last month. The Giants are hoping to have a light practice there tomorrow, primarily so they can test different shoes. But they are not overly concerned about the field.

"We have talked to teams that have been there recently," Jim Fassel said. "We

already have each guy bringing three or four pairs of shoes. We have been

okayed to get on the field as long as it is dry weather. We will test out our

shoes. You may just have to put some longer cleats on. But, the reports we

have gotten from the last two teams said the field was fine. They said it was

in fine shape and it has been covered from the rain. I don't anticipate it

getting real bad real quick."

Giants K Matt Bryant, who has kicked off the loose, choppy Giants Stadium

field all year, isn't worried about what he will find in Candlestick.

"I heard San Francisco is pretty rough," he said. "But if you can kick here,

you can kick anywhere."

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