Jeff Garcia talks about facing BIG BLUE

"Knowing their defense and schemes and being able to see them as far as the first week of the season goes and then watching film through their last three or four ballgames, yeah, I would think that I would have a pretty good understanding."

    Q.  Do you benefit personally from having already seen the Giants in
terms of game planning? Do you already have an idea of what to expect?
    JEFF GARCIA: In ways we do.  Although that was the first week of the
season and many things have changed.  I know that they are a much better
football team at this point in the year than they were at the beginning of
the season; not to say that they weren't a good football team then, but I
know that they are a hot football team right now.  They are playing well in
all aspects of the game.  As far as schemewise, both teams had a chance to
see each other play and both teams are going to be very familiar with what
each one of us does.  Knowing their defense and schemes and being able to
see them as far as the first week of the season goes and then watching film
through their last three or four ballgames, yeah, I would think that I would
have a pretty good understanding.  Although, now it's a point of execution.
It is a matter of going out there and finding ways to execute well and not
make the mistakes, eliminate the mistakes that are going to force negative
situations during a game.

    Q.  Talk a little bit about the challenge the Giants present,
especially with them having been so hot lately winning their last four?
    JEFF GARCIA: They are just playing solidly as a defense.  They did a
great job against Philadelphia last week.  They get good pressure with their
front four.  They are not a huge blitz team, but that could change.  They
have the ability to do those types of things.  They have very good young
corners and they have safeties that fly around and hit you.  It's a group of
players that have found their niche as far as playing good football together
as a team.  It's not like there's one or two guys that are the big standouts
and separate themselves from everybody else.  Obviously Strahan is a
big-time threat every single down.  And he's going to bring it every single
down but they have other players around him that are very good football
players.  Just the fact that they are playing so well as a team, running
their schemes very well and not making a lot of mistakes out on the field,
it forces difficult situations for offenses.  Philadelphia saw that last
week and that is what we're going to have to be aware of.  We're going to
have to compete against a team that's playing good football and not making
many mistakes.  The Giants play very sound football, they're good tacklers
and feature good cover-guys.  We know what they are going to bring to us.
It's just a matter of us being able to overcome some of that and being able
to out-execute them.
    As far as their team goes offensively, they are playing great
football right now.  They are doing a great job of getting the ball
downfield.  Kerry Collins is having an excellent year.  I think he's been
underappreciated and is not getting the notoriety that he deserves.  He has
had a great season and they have some great talent.  Amani Toomer, Tiki
Barber, those guys have been playmakers throughout the year and they are
just continuing to step up every single week.

    Q.  Terrell Owens has been shut down the last couple of weeks. How
does he look to you physically right now?
    JEFF GARCIA: He looks good.  I think the rest has aided his recovery
in the sense that he's feeling healthier now than he has throughout the last
part of the season.  He was playing many of those games with nagging
injuries, not getting much practice time.  This week he has been with us
from the start out on the practice field and that's a positive thing.  When
he wasn't getting the reps in practice and just basically showing up and
playing in the game, it's difficult to be on the same page even though he
was still doing positive things and he's such a great player.  It helps that
he's in practice, getting the reps, doing the necessary things that he has
to do in order to compete to the fullest on Sunday.  He looks good right
now.  I think he feels good.  Now it is just a matter of letting it fly.

    Q.  Talk a little bit about playing this game at home.  Last year
going on the road things didn't go the way the 49ers would have liked.  How
much of an advantage or benefit is it for you to play the Giants in your
home stadium?
    JEFF GARCIA: I don't really know if it's an advantage.  I really
don't look at home field anymore as being a total advantage.  I think that
we play pretty good football when we're on the road, and when it comes down
to one game, it's not as big a deal as if you were playing in Oakland or
maybe in Philadelphia where you have a much more raucous, loud crowd.  Our
stadium has moments of being loud, too.  Our stadium is not a
football-conducive stadium.  Because we don't practice in San Francisco, we
don't necessarily deal with the wind elements or some of the elements that
take place there on a daily basis.  I don't really feel like it's a
tremendous advantage.
    I think the advantages are that we don't have to travel.  We get to
stay at home.  We get to rest ourselves instead of being on a plane.  I
think that's where the advantage really sets in.  But when it comes down to
playing on Sunday, it's anybody's game.  It's going to be a situation where
we just need to show up and play good football and be as prepared as
possible.  I think that we're heading in that direction right now.

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