Reese raps on receivers

It must be a smokescreen, right? Giants GM Jerry Reese repeated again and again his belief that the Giants don't need to trade for or draft a wideout and that his current stable of WRs will hold up just fine this coming season.

"It's not like we have no one at receiver," Reese said Thursday afternoon. "We have some players that we like at wide receiver. I know there has been a lot of chatter about receivers and the Giants and the receiver position. We have good receivers on this team."

When pressed about losing his top two receivers from last season – Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer – Reese said there's more to the game of football than just split ends and flankers.

"There are other ways to win football games," New York's third-year GM stated. "We have a powerful running game. Actually I think our running game was number one in the league last year. Our offensive line will be intact now for three years going into the new season. So I think we will be able to run the football. I think our defense has a chance to be better, so there are different ways to win football games other than having a receiver out there and throwing the ball down the field all of the time. We would love to have that, but if you can't get that, we will win games other ways."

Regarding the hottest topic of late, a potential trade for Cleveland WR Braylon Edwards, Reese said only this: "I'm not talking about Braylon. That is somebody else's player. He is under contact and there is nothing to talk about that."

However, word out of Cleveland is that the Browns are definitely looking to deal their star wideout and that the Giants are on a short list of the most interested teams.

While not addressing Edwards specifically, Reese admitted that the Giants still might package some of their 10 draft picks for an NFL player or to move up in the coming draft.

"It could still happen," he said. "You never know what could happen. The next couple of weeks is going to get hot and heavy and we could package some picks and do something with them. So you never know. Things have to unfold. If you can try to make something happen, you try that sometimes, but usually things like that unfold right before you as it gets close to the draft. But right now we have 10 picks and if we have to use them all, we will do our best to pick good players with them."

Finally, Reese claimed that despite the glut of draft selections he didn't believe there was any pressure on the Giants to make a blockbuster move – or any kind of deal, for that matter.

"No, I don't feel pressure to do that," Reese said. "We have five picks in the first 100 picks. So we are going to get five good players right there. We feel like we can get five really good football players. I don't feel the pressure. We can stay where we are and just pick players. I don't feel any pressure to have to move up or package the picks or do anything like that."

But that draft strategy could all change with one little trade for a certain Cleveland receiver. Stay tuned.

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