Digging Deep Into '09 Draft

With the 2009 NFL Draft only days away, TGI now takes a deeper look into each Giants position and how it stands as draft weekend approaches. Today we take a look at all the offensive positions; tomorrow the defense. We rate each position regarding its strength in this draft and the Giants' need on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

Position Strength: 6
Giants Need: 6
As much as the Giants are currently set with Eli Manning and David Carr, there's no saying that Carr is going to stick around forever. Current third-stringer Andre' Woodson is a huge question mark so it might behoove Big Blue to look signal-caller during the second day.

Position Strength: 8
Giants Need: 5
New York is pretty much set with a backfield tandem of recently re-signed Brandon Jacobs and Pro Bowl worthy fullback Madison Hedgecock. How much they feel the loss of Derrick Ward depends on how much Ahmad Bradshaw and Danny Ware can step up. Expect the Giants20to select a RB at some point during the later rounds, although there have been some recent rumblings that they might be interested in getting their hands on New Jersey product Knowshon Moreno in the first round.

Position Strength: 8
Giants Need: 10
With the departure of Plaxico Burress, there's no doubt the Giants' top need heading into this draft is a receiver that can change games. Of course that could all change if New York can work a trade for Anquan Boldin or Braylon Edwards before the weekend. With both of last year's starters gone, Big Blue should and likely will target a big target very early on April 25. If they were to sit tight at the end of the first round, North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks and Ohio State's Brian Robiskie are strong possibilities; Rutgers' Kenny Britt, w hom they believe to be more of a second- or third-round talent, is not.

Position Strength: 7
Giants Need: 8
As well as Kevin Boss played last year, the Giants still could certainly use a second tight end. These days, everyone needs at least two serviceable tight ends and New York still isn't sure what it has in Darcy Johnson. They might as well take a tight end during the middle rounds just to be safe.

Position Strength: 9
Giants Need: 9
Like just about every team in the NFL, the Giants would like to upgrade at both tackle spots. The ideal situation is to select and groom a left tackle of the future, which would allow the Giants to move David Diehl back inside, which is where he's been most successful. An offensive tackle pick as high as the first round would not be surprising. Arizona's Eben Britton is a name we've heard on more than one occasion.

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