TGI's Take: Why not Braylon?

Studying the information available regarding the potential Braylon Edwards trade to the New York Giants brings a few questions to the forefront. Most of those questions will never be answered to the fans' liking, but looking at the situation it can't hurt to ask them anyway.

First of all, how much do Jerry Reese and the rest of the Giants front office value Edwards as a WR? When they discuss a trade for him are they talking about trading for the 2007 version or the 2008 version that is considerably different statistically? Judging from their reported offer, a second- and a fifth-round pick, it seems as though they are bidding for the services of the 2008 Edwards. Cleveland appears to be working with the 2007 version since they continue with their insistence on obtaining New York's first-round pick in the deal.

Here is one question that not many people are asking but maybe they should be: What is the difference between the 29th pick and the 45th pick? Throwing out the terms "first-round pick" and "second-round pick" the fact is that these picks are only 16 spots away from each other. Last season the 29th pick was Kentwan Balmer. Who? Exactly. Balmer did not start a game for the defensively-challenged Niners and recorded a total of seven tackles on the season. Two picks later the Giants took Kenny Phillips, who is penciled in as the full-time starter for what is shaping up to be one of the best defenses in the entire NFL.

With the 45th pick last season the defensively challenged Lions took Jordon Dizon. Who? Exactly, again. Dizon did not start a game for the Lions and recorded 28 tackles on the season. The pick before Dizon, however, was Matt Forte, who turned in a pretty special rookie season.

The point is that you can get a very talented player at each spot and that these picks are much closer than the label of "first-rounder" or "second-rounder" would lead people to believe. If Reese is willing to give up that 45th pick without any discussion, it seems like he should be willing to go as high as the 29th pick as well if that's what it takes. Obviously the Giants have shown a lot of interest in bringing Edwards to their team so if the 29th pick plus the fifth-round pick is enough to make this deal happen and the Giants don't pull the trigger, it seems like it would be a mistake.

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