Future LT – Beatty Next on Line

The Giants aren't exactly looking to push David Diehl out of the left tackle spot. But they also wouldn't mind in the least if William Beatty eventually forces their hand. The Giants selected Beatty in the second round, 60th overall, and plan to groom the former UConn left tackle to eventually take over the most important job on the offensive line.

"His distinguishing factors were his left tackle feet," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. "And he is very athletic. He has made very good improvement, even over the course of the one season this past season he has made outstanding progress."

Giants Director of College Scouting Marc Ross said the 6-6, 305-pound Beatty was as athletic as any of the tackles in the entire draft.

"William, athletically, just raw athletic ability," Ross said. "He could have been up at the top with some of those other guys that got taken up there – really top feet for a tackle – left tackle feet. He has long arms. The kid benched 29 (reps) for having 35-inch arms; smart kid and still growing and developing as a player. A lot of upside. With our situation he doesn't have to come in right away. He can learn from those guys that we have. We are excited about his growth."

While Beatty understands he needs to work his way onto the field, it doesn't mean that he's not anxious to get right to work.

"I want to be ready for the start of the season, so if they want me in there, I'm ready to play," he said. "Getting drafted was the easy part. Now I have to show the Giants that they made a good decision and hopefully get on the field as fast as I can."

Beatty said he was expecting to end up with a team that had more pressing OT needs.

"They didn't show too much (interest)," Beatty said of the Giants. "I knew they had an O-line so I was expecting to go to a team that more needed an O-lineman. But I'm glad to be here."

Just like former Coughlin assistant Randy Edsall was glad to have coached Beatty at UConn. The Huskies head man gave Coughlin glowing reports on his new left tackle.

Beatty started 35 of his 39 games at UConn, producing 238 knockdowns/key blocks during his career. He also was credited with 30 touchdown-resulting blocks. Beatty was very stingy against opposing pass-rushers, allowing only 6.5 sacks on 689 pass plays during his final two seasons.

Beatty knows that type of performance must continue for him to make it on football's grandest stage.

"It's just doing your job, doing what you're taught to do," he said. "You want the QB to have full faith in you that he's not going to get hit. You don't want to lose that trust. If you lose that trust you won't be on the field too long."

Beatty's new QB, Eli Manning, made an immediate impression on the youngster, calling him to welcome him to the Giants shortly after he was drafted.

While Beatty may be soft-spoken, spiritual and humble, he said it's an entirely new ball game when he's between the white lines.

"I love competition," he said. "Don't think you're going to line up on me and get to the quarterback."

Beatty said that he currently weighs 305 pounds, but that he has played heavier and that the Giants are hoping he can gain additional weight, which he plans to do "properly."

"I came here and they gave me a (4 XL) sweater so I'm guessing they want me to fill it out," he smiled. "But I'm just getting in there and learning the plays and as fast as I can get on the field, let them know that I am ready whenever they feel like putting me in."

The predraft process didn't go entirely smoothly for Beatty, who hit some rough patches during Senior Bowl practices. However, Ross said that didn't scare the Giants off in the least.

"Yeah, he was up and down that week," Ross said. "He was up and down. But he showed you the things that intrigue you. But he was up and down. A lot of people are. It is tough. We don't kill people by the Senior Bowl or skyrocket them off … the Senior Bowl or Combine. We go off the tape. It is a tough environment sometimes in that Senior Bowl setting."

Coughlin said there's more than enough for the Giants offensive coaching staff to work with – and that time's certainly on Beatty's side.

"One of the things that is very interesting about Will – he is very strong – long, long arms, but still benched 29 and 30," Coughlin said. "So a guy having that kind of athleticism, that kind of leverage, the feet that he has, the long arms that he has – and obviously he has got things to learn about pass protection at this level – the timing and the people that he is going to play against – but he is going to be taught fast because of the guys he is working against. But the ingredients, I think, are there. And the fact that we have a solid offensive line that he has time to be groomed."

Beatty, who seemed to pick things up quickly during minicamp, can't wait to get started. He might have been a Steelers fan growing up in York, Pa. but there's no questioning where his current loyalties.

"I'm a diehard Giants fan now," he said.

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