The Wright Stuff - DeAndre has all the CB Too

Even though he was a sixth-round pick from a school known more for its proximity to Mexico than its penchant as a college football powerhouse, DeAndre Wright has plenty of confidence to play corner in the NFL.

When you spend your entire college career on an island – playing mostly man coverage – making the transition to learning a little NFL zone is almost a welcomed treat.

"We played 95 percent man coverage in college," Wright said. "I tried not to think about the pressure. I try to think about my responsibility and what's going on around me in the secondary. Just because you're on an island in man coverage, you have to have good communication with the other players, too."

Like his seventh-round rookie classmate, Stoney Woodson, Wright also is considered an ‘eye' corner by the Giants – he's got the size (5-11, 198) and speed (4.52) to open your eyes. He also has talent as a kick returner and something intangible, but very welcome when it comes to sticking in the NFL – toughness.

How else do you explain a guy that played his final college game against Colorado State with two badly injured shoulders, one separated just two weeks earlier when making an acrobatic interception against Utah?

His reason for coming back so quickly says a lot about his love for the game and his respect for his teammates.

"I knew I was going to have surgery after the season, but I wanted to play with my team for the final game," Wright explained.

Even though another hit might worsen the separated shoulder and hurt his future?

"I wasn't thinking about jeopardizing my pro career," he said. "The NFL stands for Not For Long, so I wasn't thinking about what it might mean if I got hurt. I just enjoyed playing every moment there at New Mexico, so I wanted to have another moment by playing in that final game."

That kind of love for the game is the reason the East Coast kid from Clinton, Md. wound up 1,900 miles west to play football.

"New Mexico was far from home," he said, "but they were the only Division I team to offer me a scholarship so I just took it and ran with it."

The Lobos fans are grateful he did.

DeAndre showed from the get-go he had the ‘Wright' stuff. In four seasons, he played in every game but one: 43 starts, 25 pass breakups, 10 interceptions, 159 tackles, and 4 sacks. His size, speed and consistent play not only got the attention of receivers in his conference, but the Giants as well.

Now Wright has the chance to show his new coaches that he's not afraid to be on an island as an NFL corner. Now that he's got the chance, he's ready to run with it.

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