Looking Forward - DB and ST

Ourlads plays GM for a day. What we will do here is look at each position and give you an overview of the current condition of that position as we see it as well as a list of the Giants potential UFAs and RFAs. This installment includes the defensive backs and special teams

Current Condition:
Even though their performance in the playoff game was a disgrace, this is still a talented unit. Will Allen and Will Peterson should continue to get better. They have a chance to become the league's elite corner tandem.

Jason Sehorn is another B (or less) player making A+ money. He is no longer a starter and it's not economically feasible to carry him any longer. For those of you who think he can become a safety, did you see him trying to tackle in the 49ers game? Not only was he exposed in coverage, but he did not tackle effectively either.

Ralph Brown showed a few signs that he is ready to be the full time nickel, but he was also burned badly at times.

Despite Shaun Williams blowing a gasket and costing his team dearly, he had a solid year at strong safety.

Omar Stoutmire should be on the team, but not as a starter. He didn't make many plays and that should be the requisite of a free safety. He would be a valuable reserve, but they need to improve here.

Perhaps Clarence LeBlanc can return from Injured Reserve and challenge. With some tinkering this secondary can become a special unit.

NYG UFAs: Omar Stoutmire, Kato Serwanga

NYG RFAs: Ralph Brown

A-List Free Agents: CB Chris McAlister, Baltimore; S Kwamie Lassiter, Arizona; S Sammy Knight, New Orleans; S Tebucky Jones, New England; S Donovin Darius, Jacksonville

B-List Free Agents: S Eric Brown, Houston; CB Ken Irvin, New Orleans; CB Tod McBride, Green Bay; S Dexter Jackson, Tampa Bay; S Earl Little, Cleveland; CB Dre' Bly, St. Louis

First Day Draft: CB Terence Newman, Kansas State; S Troy Polamalu, USC; S Antwoine Sanders, Utah; S Mike Doss, Ohio State; CB Andre Woolfolk, Oklahoma; CB Marcus Trufant, Washington State; CB Julian Battle; S Gerome Sapp, Notre Dame

Possible Departures: Jason Sehorn

The Plan: Besides sending this group to anger management classes, they need to get better at nickel corner and find a replacement for Stoutmire. Ralph Brown needs to step up and firmly grasp the nickel corner role. They should look to add a B-List corner in free agency just to be on the safe side. There are some very good safeties that are good playmakers available in free agency as well. Those changes would complete this unit.

Current Condition:
This unit MUST be fixed. They cannot afford to go through another season being the league's special teams laughing stock.

Delvin Joyce has performed well as a punt and kick returner. He is sure-handed and has some zip.

Their kick coverage has also improved under Bruce Reed. Now they have to work on snapping, holding and kicking as well as punting.

NYG UFAs: None

NYG RFAs: None

A-List Free Agents: K Jason Elam, Denver; K John Hall, N.Y. Jets; P Todd Sauerbrun, Carolina; P Craig Hentrich, Tennessee; P Mitch Berger, St. Louis; P Kyle Richardson, Minnesota

B-List Free Agents: LS Ryan Kuehl, Cleveland; LS Kendall Gammon, Kansas City; LS David Binn, San Diego; LS Joe Zelenka, Jacksonville

First Day Draft: None

Possible Departures: Matt Allen, Matt Bryant

The Plan: They need to clean house and start from scratch. The only one who is possibly worth saving is Dan O'Leary, who snapped well before he was injured. Nonetheless, there are quality, veteran punters, kickers and snappers available in free agency. They have to make an effort to bring some in and fix this problem once and for all.

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