Looking Forward - Summary

Ourlads plays GM for a day. What we will do here is look at each position and give you an overview of the current condition of that position as we see it as well as a list of the Giants potential UFAs and RFAs. Here's the final summary with links to the position articles

Looking Ahead Summary

Here are some of the moves the Giants could consider at each position. Obviously they will be working within the cap framework so it may not be economically possible to do all these things, but here are some ideas at each position.

QB – Draft a quarterback in round four or five to challenge Jesse Palmer. Brian St. Pierre from Boston College is a possibility.

TE – Re-sign Dan Campbell.

RB – Release Ron Dayne. Draft a back like Cecil Sapp from Colorado State in round three and a fullback like Jerami Johnson from Western Kentucky later.

WR – Re-sign Ike Hilliard.

OL – This one is tricky, but they must make every effort to re-sign Petitgout and Rosenthal. We would look to add a power guard like Baltimore's Edwin Mulitalo. He's big and strong and his game translates well to the NFC East. They also need to add a few lower-cost versatile reserves like Tom Ackerman from Tennessee and/or Brad Badger from Oakland.

DL – This is the Giants prime need area. Kenny Holmes has to go. We would look to the Draft to find his replacement. This is a reasonably strong draft year for defensive linemen. One bold move would be to try to trade up in the first round for a pass rusher like Terrell Suggs from Arizona State. It's not likely he will be there for them when they pick, but last year when Shockey started to slide closer to them, they traded up to get him. Sign DT Brandon Noble from Dallas. LB – Consider moving Brandon Short to middle linebacker. A strongside replacement for Short could be Chicago's Rosevelt Colvin. An economical outside linebacker like Atlanta's Chris Draft would be an outside challenger and he would improve the unit.

DB – It's time for Jason Sehorn to get on with his life's work. Let some other team try to foolishly convert him to safety. Make a big splash and sign a playmaking safety like Sammy Knight from New Orleans. A nickel corner would also help; we like Tod McBride from Green Bay.

ST – Shoot for the stars. They won't get them all obviously, but PK John Hall from the Jets, P Craig Hentrich from Tennessee and LS Ryan Kuehl from Cleveland are all worthy targets.

Enjoy the Draft and the off-season. The sting of losing to the 49ers will fade somewhat. One way to look at this is as a beginning, not an end. Better days are coming.

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