Dayne's agent oversteps bounds

As part of our "hotnews" feature, TGI's Ken Palmer was the first to report that Ron Dayne's representatives intend to contact GM Ernie Accorsi to ask permission to seek a trade. Today Dayne says he never authorized his agent to seek a trade

As reported yesterday in hotnews, Ron Dayne's representatives contacted GM Ernie Accorsi in order to get Accorsi's permission to seek a trade and an address change for New York's former first-round draft choice, who has become just an extra body in Big Blue's offensive backfield.

Today the New York Times reported that Dayne told a club spokesman yesterday that he did not want to be traded, and that he did not authorize Terry Lavenstein, the agent who sent the letter to Accorsi to do so.

Dayne is scheduled to earn base salaries of $616,000 for 2003 and $704,000 for 2004. This is a bargain for the Giants for a reserve RB who knows the offense.

Dayne told Avis Roper, the Giants' assistant director of communications, that he did not want to be traded and that there had been a miscommunication between him and his agent.

Lavenstein could not be reached for comment about the discrepancy.

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