Loose Lips Sink Enemy Ships

Jake fires away - One look at Brandon Jacobs and it's impossible not to like him – unless you're an opposing defender, of course. The guy is built better than most front seven defenders in the league and he's a running back. Then, once you get to talking to him, the love affair only grows deeper.

Not only is Jacobs extremely truthful when answering questions, but he's very opinionated and doesn't mind sharing his thoughts on all topics – PC and otherwise. Now that might not make the coaching staff all that happy, but it sure does excite the fans and media assigned to cover Jacobs, present company most definitely included.

My all-time favorite Jacobs barb came when he said that Cowboys WR Patrick Crayton "sucked." The best part about the quote was the Jacobs meant every bit of it and that his claim can be proven as fact with just one look at a Crayton game tape.

Now, of course, the latest treat from Jacobs was his carving up Dallas QB Tony Romo on July 9.

On the Brandon Tierney Show in ESPN Radio in New York, Jacobs said that Romo is not "that great of a passer" and "his luck will be gone, sooner or later." Thankfully, Jacobs was willing to elaborate.

"I think if you were to keep Tony Romo in the pocket, he's not that effective. That's what I think," Jacobs said. "But if you let him run around and everybody's thinking, ‘Is he gonna run? Is he gonna pass?' then I think he's effective. Because he is athletic and he can run and he can beat you there. But if you keep him in the pocket, I don't think he can beat you from the pocket. I don't think he's that great of a passer, to be honest with you."

Now we all know the stuffy and elitist among the football community are going to claim that Jacobs was wrong and that he should have just kept his mouth shut. The school of thought goes that the only thing that can come out of negative quotes by the disser is that they serve to fire up the dissee. That's nonsense. First, any player who needs himself or his teammate criticized in order to get up for a game isn't a player at all. And secondly – and most importantly – we here at TGI are pretty sure that Jacobs can back up anything he says, being 6-4, 264 pounds and all.

So, forget about all the whiners, Brandon. You just keep on ripping those Cowboys to shreds – on and off the field.

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