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Coughlin: I thought Sintim had a good ball game. Tom Coughlin was generally pleased with Big Blue's effort during the Giants' dramatic preseason-opening victory over Carolina on Aug. 17. Here are the highlights of what Coughlin said during his conference call the following day.

For the first preseason game the objective is to put people in a game situation to see how they perform. Certainly the idea is to win; you always want to win, but that part of it is not put ahead of the opportunity to play personnel. So, if it is the fourth quarter and so and so is due to play, then he plays. That is exactly the way that was. It was a game in which both teams had a lot of people play. There were 15 punts in the game, which is obviously from a standpoint of offense way, way too many punts. But, nevertheless the reflection of where we are in terms of our depth, and I am not speaking for Carolina, but where we are in terms of our depth and how far advanced some of the players are that are second- and third-teamers.

Q: Did any of those players jump out at you while you were watching the film that you thought performed particularly well?
A: If you look defensively, I think we did have a number of guys who consistently performed pretty well throughout the entire game. I thought (Clint) Sintim had a good ball game, a good physical game, a game in which he rushed the passer. I think you have to understand too, those two young corners, DeAndre Wright and (Stoney) Woodson played almost the whole second half and beyond. Bruce Johnson played a tremendous amount in the game. I was pleased to see that the numbers did not; they weren't overly excessive even though we did have to play some people perhaps more than we would have wanted. Bruce Johnson had 42 snaps, for example, Woodson and Wright had 32, which is not bad, it's not that far out of the realm of it. (Will) Beatty had 42 snaps. (Adam) Koets had 42. Those guys, that was good, because they are highly-conditioned athletes and they needed to play, and the two things matched up really well together.

We did have some guys who down the stretch (Leger) Douzable got the tip which Tommie Hill caught and ran into the end zone, which is an incredible ending to a football game. You don't see that very, very often. That part of it was exciting. There were some special teams plays that we're not very, that no one will be proud of; one being obviously the blocked punt. Jeff Feagles made a great play by slapping it out of the back of the end zone, or we would not have had a chance to win the game. We turned one very bad play into a heads-up play, but that is an area that we will pound away at. I always tell our punt team, it is an honor to be on the punt team because so much responsibility is placed on your shoulders, winning and losing of games. So we will have a little bit to talk about when it comes to that.

Q: Speaking of aggressive, you mentioned Clint Sintim right off the bat. Should we think of him as a linebacker or a defensive end, or a combination?
A: Well, he is a linebacker, but he does have the ability to rush the passer on third down so that gives us more flexibility.

Q: Did you come out of the game clean injury wise?
A: We did. We have a bunch of guys, some bumps and bruises. I don't think anything that will keep anyone from working.

Q: About (Mario) Manningham, how did he play?
A: He made a nice catch, made a nice catch downfield. Had a couple missed assignments, which we have to harness. Did a pretty good job of blocking. It is a good start and we hope it continues to grow and he improves so that we can eliminate any kind of confusion and that he can be as aggressive as he needs to be in terms of utilizing his speed and quickness.

Q: How has he been with the mental aspect of things?
A: He has been good, been good. Young guys have their days, so their consistency factor is something that we are working on.

Q: Did Andre Brown have his surgery today?
A: Yes he did, and I was told this morning by Ronnie Barnes that Dr. Warren was pleased with the results of the surgery.

Q: You remember someone suffering an Achilles'tendon injury at running back and how they came back from it? Seems like it is a tough injury for that position?
A: We will have to see, we will have to see how that goes. I think he is going to have a very early start on rehab, which is going to help him. It is something that will take the necessary time and I don't know what the timetable is. He will have an outstanding opportunity to rehab and all we can do is be positive.

Q: Your defensive coordinator worked the sidelines instead of upstairs. Is that permanent and what is the thinking behind that?
A: Why is this such an issue? I got asked this last night and I am (being asked) it again today. I like the defensive coordinator to be on the sideline because I think we communicate better. It is not a big deal; it is just a preference of mine, that's all. Last year's coordinator was on the field too, for the last two years.

Q: Most of them are, but he told us in the spring that he planned to work upstairs. That is why I was curious.
A: He may have thought that, but when we discussed it I expressed my thoughts and that is what we are currently trying to do.

Q: One of the things that Brandon (Jacobs) said he wanted to work on this year was his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. Have you seen improvements from him in that area?
A: I think he has, I think over the course of training camp he has caught the ball well. I don't have the numbers in front of me.

Q: Is it something that you have asked him to improve on or did he do this on his own?
A: When it becomes another factor in your offense in terms of your ability to go to the running back, you can be much more effective. It doesn't take a lot. What we do is we try to point out to each individual how they can improve and this is something that we thought that Brandon could improve upon and he felt the same way.

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