Ramses Rules

ALBANY – One of the most impressive players in the entire training camp has been rookie receiver Ramses Barden. WRs coach Mike Sullivan was able to share some of his thoughts on his new – and very smooth – wideout.

"The first thing about Ramses is that he's been able to get out there everyday, hasn't missed a practice," Sullivan said. "He's been able to fight through so me injuries and fatigue like everyone else, and he‘s executed, in terms of learning what to do and understanding why it's important to do it. Like all rookies, he's going to make some mistakes, but he's done a good job at not repeating the same mistakes. I think the thing that's really stood out is how well he has caught the ball. Very rarely does he have a drop; he goes up at its high point and shows his strong hands. So we've been very pleased with his progression and his ability to learn our system and make plays."

Sullivan said it was hard not to be pleased with just how high a level of play at which the 6-6 Barden was operating.

"I think he has done a great job, from a route running standpoint and from a fundamental standpoint, given the fact that he was at Cal Poly and they didn't really have a wide open a passing attack, it was more option-oriented," Sullivan said. "It was apparent that he had done a lot of work in his preparation for the draft and his value at the Senior Bowl. He's someone that I think is very bright and will take coaching well, and has been instructed and has worked to try to hone and refine those fundamentals . Obviously, he hasn't had a chance to showcase them in games, but from the standpoint of where he is at as a receiver, I think most people would be very pleased, based upon his background where he is at right now."…

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