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Were Kyle Orton and Brodie Croyle one of the top five quarterbacks in the league last weekend? That's what the NFL passer rating system says. But's Ed Thompson has developed his own rating system that puts the emphasis on the performance factors that impact the team's success.

I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of the NFL's passer rating system. If you believe in that system, the top quarterbacks after Week One action are Tony Romo, Drew Brees, Brodie Croyle, Trent Edwards and Kyle Orton.

There's no debating that Brees should be in the top five, and there's a decent argument that Romo deserves to be there, but certainly not as the No. 1 quarterback. The other three aren't even close.

But instead of just complaining about the dysfunctional rating system, I devised my own formula for ranking quarterbacks. My rankings consider completion average, touchdowns, interceptions, percent of passes that resulted in a first down, passing yards per game, sacks, starts, and wins--with each category weighted appropriately to reflect how important they are to the success of the team. My rankings also deduct results that distort the quarterback's overall performance--such as yards, completions and touchdowns from drives in the closing minutes against a prevent defense. And I also consider the impact on a quarterback's overall performance when he benefits from a fluke play--such as Kyle Orton's incomplete pass to his intended receiver that padded Orton's stats with an undeserved 87 yards and a touchdown pass after Brandon Stokley ran the tipped ball in for a score.

The results below are a one-week snapshot and will be adjusted weekly just like team power rankings.

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1. Drew Brees, Saints
The 30-year-old QB threw six touchdown passes and completed 76.5 percent of his throws. He's going to be tough to stop.
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2. Tom Brady, Patriots
He didn't look all that terrific early, but Brady finished strong, amassing a league-best 378 passing yards. 
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3. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers
Roethlisberger posted a league-best 76.7-percent completion rate. 41.9% of his throws moved the chains.
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4. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks
Hasselbeck got off to a fast start, throwing three TD passes while completing 69.4 percent of his throws.
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5. Peyton Manning, Colts
WR Anthony Gonzalez was injured early, but Manning still passed for 301 yards, completing 73.7 percent of his throws.
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6. Joe Flacco, Ravens
The sophomore signal-caller came out of the gates strong, completing 60.5 percent of his passes for 307 yards and three touchdowns.
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7. Tony Romo, Cowboys
Romo's 353 passing yards was fourth-best, and he threw for three scores, proving that Dallas can move the ball without Terrell Owens.
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8. Eli Manning, Giants
His performance wasn't flashy, but Manning got the job done, completing 69 percent of his passes for 256 yards.
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9. Mark Sanchez, Jets
The rookie completed 58.1 percent of his passes for 272 yards, threw for a touchdown and an interception. 41.9 percent of his throws resulted in first downs and he avoided being sacked even once.
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10. Matt Ryan, Falcons
41.7 percent of Ryan's throws resulted in a first down. He threw two touchdown passes and no interceptions. He should do even better this week.
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11. Philip Rivers, Chargers
Rivers finished ninth in completion percentage with 66.7 percent. His 252 passing yards were solid, but he was sacked three times. 
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12. Kerry Collins, Titans
The steady veteran completed 62.9 percent of his throws for 244 yards, including a 57-yard strike and a touchdown.
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13. Jason Campbell, Redskins
Campbell got off to a bad start, and he padded his numbers with a late drive. But he completed 70 percent of his throws.
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14. Chad Pennington, Dolphins
Slow start for Pennington despite a 72.4-percent completion rate. He only had 174 yards, which won't get it done this week.
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15. Trent Edwards, Bills
Good start by Edwards, who threw two touchdown passes, no interceptions, and completed 60 percent of his passes.
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16. Brodie Croyle, Chiefs
 Two touchdown passes and a 66.7-percent completion rate against the Ravens defense is very respectable.
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17. Carson Palmer, Bengals
Despite a 63.6-percent completion rate, Palmer struggled. Two interceptions and three sacks contributed to a frustrating loss.
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18. Shaun Hill, 49ers
A 209-yard passing day with one touchdown and no interceptions was all the 49ers needed from Hill to beat Arizona.
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19. Kurt Warner, Cardinals 
Warner stumbled, throwing two interceptions while completing 59.1% of his passes. And his top receiver was RB Tim Hightower.
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20. Byron Leftwich, Buccaneers
Leftwich didn't get a touchdown pass until the game was already wrapped up, but he completed 61 percent of his throws.
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21. Aaron Rodgers, Packers
Rodgers faced a tough Bears defense. He completed 60.7% of his throws for just 184 yards and was sacked four times.
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22. Jay Cutler, Bears
Cutler threw four-interceptions and completed just 47.2 percent of his throws. It won't get any easier for him this week.
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23. Brett Favre, Vikings
Favre played a support role while Adrian Peterson ran wild over the Browns. He completed 66.7% of his passes, but only for 110 yards.
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24. Donovan McNabb, Eagles
McNabb threw two touchdown passes, but only tallied 79 passing yards and tossed an interception. He broke a rib during the game.
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25. Kyle Orton, Broncos
Prior to the tipped pass that won the game, Orton had 166 yards passing. Just 25% of his throws were for first downs.
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26. JaMarcus Russell, Raiders
Russell's 40 percent-completion rate was the worst among all starters last week, and he threw two interceptions.
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27. Brady Quinn, Browns
94 of his 205 yards--and his only touchdown--came during a garbage-time drive late in the game. And he was sacked five times.
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28. David Garrard, Jaguars
Garrard posted a league-worst mark for the week when only 14.3 percent of his passes resulted in a first down. He threw for just 122 yards.
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29. Matt Schaub, Texans
He finished the day with only 166 yards, no touchdowns and an interception. And he faces another tough defense this week.
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30. Matthew Stafford, Lions
Despite three interceptions, a 43.2-percent completion rate and just 18.9 percent of his throws moving the chains, Stafford had a better day than two veterans.
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31. Marc Bulger, Rams
Are Bulger's glory days gone for good? He completed less than half his throws, was sacked three times and posted just 191 yards.
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32. Jake Delhomme, Panthers
Ugly outing for a usually steady quarterback. He was yanked with just 73 passing yards against four interceptions.
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