A Dallas Palace to be Sure

ARLINGTON, Tex. -- It certainly is enormous; much bigger than it needs to be. But to be totally honest, after all the hype and hoopla surrounding the opening of the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, it wasn't quite as glitzy and opulent as one would expect.

Sure the hanging video screen is bigger than anything you'll ever see. And yes, the sheer size of the building is pretty much beyond compare. But there's actually a lot more football to this place than you would have thought.

It's kind of like the new Yankee Stadium. Much more than necessary, but certainly not so over the top it's embarrassing. The fact that the new building has the same opening in the roof as the old one i s pretty cool as well. However, the 12-minute roof-opening ceremony and the five security guards ‘guarding' the star at the middle of the field before its official unveiling were a bit much. But you know what they say – everything's bigger in Texas.

Anyway, bringing it all back to what's really important – getting to see the new Cowboys Stadium just makes it even more exciting knowing that the opening of the Giants new digs is right around the corner.

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