Manning, Giants Survive Scare

With the results of Monday's MRI on Eli Manning's sore right foot the Giants learned that they won't have to play without the player they can least afford to play without.

The test results showed that Manning has an injury to the plantar fascia and has soreness and swelling in the heel/arch area on the bottom of his right foot. The injury was most likely caused when Manning got up on his toes as he dropped back and attempted to pass to Steve Smith in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game in Kansas City.

"Eli will continue to receive treatment, and he will be day-to-day as we prepare for Sunday's game," said the team's vice president of medical services Ronnie Barnes.

With Manning's consecutive games-started streak at 82, he was fully confident he'd be back in the saddle this Sunday against Oakland after being forced to miss the final three series of New York's victory in Kansas City.

"My goal is by Wednesday to be practicing and get out there and not being restricted," Manning said.

Asked if he might be limited in practice, Manning said, "It just depends how it feels. I don't know. It doesn't feel any worse than it did. I think that's a good sign and hopefully it gets better every day."

It's quite obvious that Manning strongly disagrees with anyone who thinks he might not be able to start this Sunday. Coach Tom Coughlin also believes Manning will take his customary position at the front of t he Giants' huddle.

"By no means am I playing anything down," Coughlin said. "Don't get me wrong there, okay. But know the quality of the athlete, knowing that he will spend 24 hours, if that is what it takes, to get the swelling down and that type of thing."

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