Brown Not to Blame

So the Giants promoted Aaron Rouse to starting safety just before the Chargers game. Seems they've seen just about enough of C.C. Brown. Hey, haven't we all?

But like one wise member of the TGI message board pointed out, the fact that Brown played so poorly really wasn't his fault at all. You see, Brown didn't sign himself; the Giants signed him. And Brown wasn't the one deciding that he should start games and play as often as he did. That one was on the coaches.

Fans have always taken out their anger and frustration on the wrong people and I've never quite understood it. When A-Rod first arrived in New York and couldn't single with a runner in scoring position to save his life, Yankees fans booed him mercilessly. Of course, those same morons later cheered him as if he were superhuman. Again, A-Rod didn't sign himself to half the national deficit. The Yankees did. The players can only do what they can do. And, for the most part, they are what we thought they were.

Sometimes you'll see guys fare much better or worse after a change of scenery, but for the most part, you know what you're getting – whether in football, baseball or any other professional sport. When Phillies fans wanted Adam Eaton not just out of the rotation, but dead, they blamed him when actually it was the Phillies that paid him $24 million. And it was the manager that kept running him out there every fifth day.

The moral of the story here is simple: C.C. Brown is not a good safety. He might have started for the Texans, but that doesn't really require one to have much talent. But the fans taking it out on Brown are misguided. He was just doing his limited best.

It was Jerry Reese that signed him and Tom Coughlin that kept him through training camp and then awarded him the starting job when Kenny Phillips went down. Phillips, it's now more than obvious, is one of if not the most indispensible players on this entire defense. The Giants, God forbid, would probably have been better off losing Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora or Antonio Pierce, Pro Bowlers all. That's because so much of the defense goes through Phillips and he might have been the biggest playmaker wearing Giants blue at the start of this season.

Anyway, back to chastising the boo birds. The seemingly countless blown coverages might have been committed by Brown, but it was Coughlin who put him on the field and Bill Sheridan who told him where to go and what to do.

So as Rouse takes his turn in the starting lineup, one can only hope he does a lot better than Brown, because the Giants defense needs it in the worst way. But if he doesn't, just remember that it was the Giants that signed him off waivers, which makes you wonder in the first place.

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