The Blind Side a Must-See Movie

A legit pancake – Do yourself a favor and go see the new movie, The Blind Side. I was fortunate enough to attend a special pre-release screening in New York City, where I saw old Giants beat writer buddy Neil Best, and I can tell that the motion picture was simply terrific.

Almost entirely a true story, by now you surely know the story is all about the long road traveled by Ravens rookie RT Michael Oher, who was taken in from the Memphis projects by a well-to-do white family that basically raised him and helped him along the way to earning a scholarship to Ole Miss and then becoming a first-round draft choice this past April.

Here's what Ravens Director of Player Personnel Eric DeCosta said after Baltimore traded up three spots to the 23rd slot to select Oher: "Michael was clearly, I think, the best player available. We're in a very physical division, we're a very physical team, and offensive line-wise, we feel like he's a huge upgrade for us as a player. Great kid – we spent a lot of time with him. He's a special kid with a great story. A great player. We're very, very excited to get him. We think he helps us big time."

While I knew about Oher the football player, I didn't realize the depths of his inspirational background until it was pointed out to me by my fiancée, hardly the only football knowledge she has on this humble editor.

Anyway, anyone who gets through this entire movie without a few tears welling up is simply not human. This one pulls at the heartstrings from start to finish. And while I'm hardly a movie critic, it sure seemed to me that everyone that played key roles in this one did a tremendous job. Sandra Bullock looks better than you've ever seen her and all three children (including a youthful Oher) were portrayed beautifully. And you wouldn't even know the father was Tim McGraw unless you had your wife/girlfriend there to point it out to you.

Drawing it in to Giants fans even more so is the tie-in to the emerging value of left tackles really since the ascension of the great Lawrence Taylor becoming the most dominant defensive player in NFL history. He was way back when he ended Joe Theismann's career in the mid-‘80s and no one has yet to surpass LT, even if he still doesn't have the whole call the cops after a traffic accident thing down.

Without giving away any more of the memorable story, you're just going to have to trust me on this one. I know I'm the same guy that predicted the Giants would win in New Orleans and that the Phils would knock off the Yanks. But I did correctly nail Big Blue getting battered in Philly; that must count for something, right?

Anyway, get yourself to the movies to see The Blind Side as soon as you can. You really won't be sorry.

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