Giant Royalty Captures Heisman

Congratulations to Mark Ingram for winning the coveted Heisman Trophy. And no, we're not just happy that Tim Tebow didn't win it, even though he could be one of the most overrated college football players in the lengthy history of college football players.

This is all about Mark Ingram, and for those of you Giants fans who aren't all that up on college football that name should certainly ring a bell.

Yes, you got it, Mark Ingram's kid. For all the tough times that have befallen the elder Ingram of late, he's still the same man that made the key third-down conversion in Super Bowl XXV and caught 136 passes – 11 for touchdowns – in six seasons with Big Blue.

Saturday night, his son, a sophomore running back for the Crimson Tide, captured the closest Heisman race in the 75-year history of the prestigious award.

That's the good part. The bad part was that while the senior Ingram was able to see his talented son make history, he was forced to do so behind bars.

Ingram, Sr. watched the proceedings on television, as he is currently being held at the Queens Private Correctional Facility on charges of failure to surrender, which will be added to the 92-month prison sentence he already faced for money laundering and bank fraud.

Yet, to his son's credit, he showed nothing but pride and gratitude for his troubled father. After being named the winner, Ingram thanked his family for their support, including his father.

"I'd like to thank my family, my mother and grandparents, who are sitting right there," Ingram said. "My father, who has been a great influence on my life, and I love him to death."

It had to be a time of extremely mixed emotions for both father and son, and the youngster impressively made sure everyone knew that dear old Dad was the main reason he was able to stand at that most victorious of podiums.

"Ever since I was a little boy, I just remember playing basketball," Ingram said. "He'd knock me down or block a shot and wouldn't let me win. We'd go on a race, and I'd catch up to him and he'd take off and win. He'd be tough on me as far as my grades go or not letting me go out all the time and get in trouble.

Everything he did for me helped me develop into the man I am today and the competitor I am on and off the field."

During this holiday season, as we pay tribute to one Ingram, lest we forget about the other, the one who really needs the support.

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