A Super Bid Indeed

Simply Super – So, the Giants and Jets are trying to host the Super Bowl. What a wonderful event that would be.

Now, of course, everyone knows that the only cold-weather cities that are able to host the NFL's biggest annual event are those with domes. And we know that the co-tenants opted against putting a dome over their new stadium. But the Giants are Jets are asking the league to make a one-time only exception in this case.

For those that missed the news, here goes, according to giants.com:

After receiving preliminary approval to bid from the National Football League, the future home of the New York Giants and New York Jets is mounting a full-scale campaign to capture the hosting rights for Super Bowl 2014, the New Meadowlands Stadium Company announced. The new stadium, which plays host to its first NFL season in 2010, got the go-ahead from the NFL owners' Super Bowl Advisory Committee. The committee approved the New Meadowlands Stadium's application to bid despite the traditional requirement that Super Bowl host regions have a minimum temperature of 50 degrees or a climate-controlled indoor stadium with the understanding that the bid would be a unique, once-only circumstance based on the opportunity to celebrate the new stadium and the great heritage and history of the NFL in the New York region.

A preliminary proposal to the NFL is due April 1, with the winning bid announced at the end of May. Three other venues have also expressed their intention to compete for the hosting rights.

While we here at TGI are obviously tremendously biased, it sure seems like this would be a great opportunity for the NFL to do the right thing and award the big game to the nation's biggest city. Needless to say, Giants and Jets ownership agrees.

"It's time for the biggest game in football to be played on the biggest stage in the world," said Giants treasurer Jonathan Tisch and Jets owner Woody Johnson, Bid Committee Chairmen. "We are confident that the appeal and prestige of the New York City metropolitan region, coupled with the innovative capabilities of our brand-new state-of-the-art facility, can provide a unique and exciting experience for the teams and fans, as well as the entire league and the sport of football. And, of course, we would love to bring the Super Bowl – and its significant economic benefits – to New York and northern New Jersey."

We couldn't agree more. Let's all hope that the powers that be are thinking along the same lines.

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