Coach and Player Quotes

Here are some quotes from Tom Coughlin and some players after the big win over the Redskins.

Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin Opening Statement:
"I was proud of the way the guys rallied back from last week. Obviously, last week was a very disappointing loss. We knew we had a game in the division this week again with a very good Washington team that really could have easily won their last five games. They played superbly against New Orleans, against Philadelphia, against Dallas. They really could have won five of those games. They are an outstanding defensive team and the quarterback is playing very, very well. They have a very good kicking game, number three in the league in kickoff coverage-wise. I thought our guys put together a great week. We talked about not beating ourselves. We talked about all three phases working together in harmony and helping each other win. We talked about how it's not about any individual, it's about team and we needed to buckle down knowing full well what the consequences were at this time. We played very well. I thought the first quarter, we kept the ball away from them, which was significant and we wanted to do that. I don't think time of possession at the end was any huge factor in our favor, but I thought the first quarter was, and pretty much the first half. I thought Eli (Manning) was outstanding and I thought we distributed the ball and ran the ball well, made some plays down the field. I really felt it was important to get that 24th point up there prior to the half and I was very happy we were able to stop the gadget-play that they had right before the half as well. We won the battle of turnovers and we won the physical battle. We ascended tonight, and we've got to continue to do that."

On the defensive strategy tonight:
"I think we really felt that we had to get after the quarterback. Jason Campbell had a 65 percent completion percentage and in third down had 69 percent. I think in the last five games they were over 50 percent on third downs so we knew we had to have a pass rush. Credit has to go to Kevin Dockery and Bruce Johnson who lined up tonight in that nickel package. Both of those guys got to play an awful lot against a very outstanding receiving core and they did an outstanding job."

On the play in the red zone tonight after struggling with it recently:
"Everybody keeps reminding me about things that we've not had success with, thank you very much, how about something that we did. We won the game and I'm happy about that. I think we were three out of four in the red zone."

On the team's physical play tonight:
"I thought it was very good. We've been hearing so much about how we are not physical. I think we did a decent job with that tonight."

Running Back Ahmad Bradshaw

On his mind-set coming into the game:

"We came into this game saying we were going to pound them, try to pound them, churn the ball down the field, and we had a lot of success running the ball. The O-line (offensive line) played great. We had our right tackle Kareem McKenzie out, and William Beatty did a great job stepping in. I had a couple great blocks for a couple of my runs, and I was able to split them."

On once again playing at a high level like when they were 5-0:
"Yeah, that's where we want to be. We want to be back playing at that caliber, and we feel that we can play at that caliber at the end of the year and we came out fired up."

On the importance of this win:
"This was a must-win. We needed this one. I told everybody before we went out that I needed it, I needed the whole team to come with it, and we played together. It feels great. When we're in need we really step up and play, and that's what we did today."

Tight End Kevin Boss

On his feelings after the game:

"It gave us confidence going into this final stretch of the season, to come in and play a game like this and completely dominate on all sides – offense, defense, and special teams. It just really gives us confidence to make this final push."

On using momentum from this game to make a formidable playoff push:
"Yeah it's huge. I think it just gives us a great deal of confidence to go into these final two games and get into the playoffs. I think we're going to be a scary team if we get in."

Giants Quarterback Eli Manning

On the importance of starting the game off well:

"That was a big emphasis all week; we talked about it as a group, offensively, just getting off to a fast start. It's something that we haven't been very good at these past few weeks and we've had a lot of turnovers in our first drive and it's just a momentum killer. We wanted to get off fast and it also helps out your defense. It puts a little pressure on the opposing offense especially when you go nine minutes and hold the ball and score a touchdown. It's a little bit of a buzz kill to start the game as the opposing team and it gets your defense fired up. And they came out ready and played awesome and kept giving us the ball and we kept on going down and scoring. We just set the mood for the night very early and I thought that was important and getting off to a good start."

On what he liked about the first drive:
We didn't have any bad plays. We didn't go backwards, we mixed in the pass, we mixed in the run, and we had third down conversions. We ran the ball on third down a couple times. It was just a great mix up and it kept the defense off guard a little bit. We just had good answers for what they were doing and everybody stayed on the same page, everybody did there job and that's what happens. When you're not making mistakes and you're staying in rhythm, staying in good third down situations, we're going to be able to do well and convert those and drive the ball.

On the play of the offensive line tonight:
The offensive line played outstanding in the run and in the pass and we were checking a lot of stuff. (William) Beatty played well. Booth had to come in and he played well. We rotated them in all night. They all got in and the whole offensive line as a group, not just the front five and the starters. We had about eight or nine of them. They've all been in the system, they all know what is going on and they all rotated in there and have a great attitude, great work ethic. They are a real important part of this team and our success."

On if he was aware he set a career-high in touchdowns:
"I was not. It doesn't mean much right now. Offensively, we're in a pretty good rhythm right now and we're playing well. Even as well as we played last week, we got off to such a poor start and spotted Philly 14 points to start with. It was important to get off fast and kind of set the tempo and we did that tonight and we played outstanding all game and just made plays and great individual efforts. We've got a tough stretch and Carolina is coming off a big win this past week so they're going to be fired up. They're a tough team and we know that from playing them last year so we know that we've got to keep going. Offensively, we have to stay in this rhythm and make plays and score some points and help out our defense. They're playing awesome and getting turnovers and that good to see."

Defensive End Osi Umenyiora

On what brought on new physicality not seen for several weeks:

"Our backs were really against the wall this time, it was a must-win situation. We're a lot better than we have played, we know that, everybody in the league knows that, and we just had to come out here and show it and we were able to do that today."

On how the team felt about itself over last few weeks:
"Not good. We have been very inconsistent. Sometimes we play well, sometimes we don't. I think today was the first time we put everything together. We gave them a couple of points that we probably shouldn't have, but they're a good football team and they're playing well and we were able to come out here and win this game."

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