TGI's 12 Days of Christmas

With everyone in the holiday spirit of giving, it's time for TGI to dish out a few presents of our own. During the 12 Days of Christmas, we're handing out a dozen holiday wishes for deserving Giants and fans. Here goes…

To Aaron Ross, we hope he gets his old position back. For as well as Corey Webster and Terrell Thomas have been at corner, Ross looks totally lost at safety, which is totally understandable, and for his sake and for that of the Giants, we're hoping he gets to return ‘home' to corner – and fast.

To Steve Smith, some respect. By the end of the year we may be talking about Smith in triple digits in catches, which is absolutely unheard of in Giantsland. Yet despite being atop or near the top of the WR rankings all season long, it doesn't seem like Smith has gotten much respect at all. Hopefully this solid season will earn him some preseason accolades before 2010.

To Osi Umenyiora, we hope he gets his confidence back. The two-time Pro Bowler has had a nightmare of a stretch lately. He and everyone around him know he can play better; here's hoping he's able to accomplish that goal.

To Aaron Rouse, we hope for a nice contract going forward. We still don't see why Green Bay let him go, and the sight of that huge man roaming the middle of the secondary is a welcome one for the Giants, but can't possibly be for their opponents. Rouse has been pretty impressive so far.

To Justin Tuck, his health. Now we know that everyone has bumps and bruises in December, but it just seems like Tuck can't catch a break. He's playing hard and well through various ailments for the second straight season.

To Tom Coughlin, a playoff spot. He's had the Giants on a nice run of postseason play and it would do wonders for him and the team's fans if he can produce an extra game or two in 2009.

To Mario Manningham, a new pair of kicks. Those bright, shiny red cleats certainly don't help at all when you're trying to fool the officials and get away with catches when you were actually out of bounds. But for all the criticism MM received for those two mistakes against the Eagles, he's still had quite a productive season for New York. Bering passed on the depth chart by Hakeem Nicks is hardly anything to be embarrassed about.

To Antonio Pierce, a place where he can start. It doesn't seem likely that he's in New York's future plans – at least in a starting capacity. And it seems equally unlikely that the prideful Pierce will willingly accept a backup role in New York. They've both done so much good for each other through the years that we hope it never gets ugly between AP and the Giants.

To Kenny Phillips, a healthy, lengthy career. I'm not going to write that he was headed to the Pro Bowl this season because as well as he was playing, it was still early and there's no way in the world of knowing how the rest of the season would have panned out for him. But there's no doubt the Giants believe there are big things in store for KP. Here's hoping his bothersome knee will allow all that to happen.

To Jeff Feagles, a strong finish to the season. It sure seems as if this could be Feagles' swan song, which will likely be a mutual decision after the year. Here's hoping that he puts up at least one more typical tremendous Feagles game – like he did in Denver – before he calls it a career.

To Bill Sheridan, we hope he gets a shutout during the season's final weeks. He needs his boys to play a solid 60 minutes of football or two in the worst way.

Finally, to all our TGI subscribers, we hope you get exactly what you want this holiday season, which is totally obvious: the sixth playoff seed and a chance at revenge with a postseason contest in Philadelphia during the second weekend of January.

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