A Flood of Giants Stadium Memories

It'll be missed – It's with very mixed emotions that this scribe who has covered the Giants for the past decade-and-a-half enters Giants Stadium for a Giants game for the final time ever. There is so much excitement about the enormous structure that rises majestically only yards from Giants Stadium. But there is so much about Giants Stadium that will be missed as well.

Unfortunately I was too young to remember the opening of the stadium in the mid-‘70s, but by the mid-‘80s I was going to games often, never once even dreaming that I'd be fortunate enough to cover the local football team, so rich and deep in history and tradition.

I remember the first time I covered a practice at Giants Stadium like it was yesterday – and obviously my first ever game there as well. I'll also never forget (begin blushing here) the time that I was so new and green to the media scene that I actually wore a Giants sweater that was a new Christmas gift to cover a game. In hindsight that was awfully embarrassing, although my gaffe has been topped by so many other folks since then – and yes, they know who they are.

Obviously concert-going was a big part of my Giants Stadium experiences as well. From rocking out to Bon Jovi with my high school girlfriend, Tara, more than 20 years ago to the countless times I've seen U2 and Bruce Springsteen, you could always count on having a blast with close to 80,000 of your musical friends at Giants Stadium.

But far and away, my best moment at Giants Stadium came during and after the 2000 NFC Championship Game blowout of Minnesota. No one, especially me, thought New York would be able to keep up with Minny's horses on offense. But we all know how that turned out, ever so gloriously.

But being on the field for the celebration after is something I'll never forget. The tremendously emotional embrace I shared with Ernie Accorsi was special for sure, but the best part of it all was that from the field I could see my mom, Virginia, and my sister, Linda, going wild in the stands, only about 10 rows behind the Giants bench.

Thousands upon thousands of memories will be flashing through my mind as I walk in and out of Giants Stadium for the final time. But that will always remain the best.

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