Closing Time – for Giants and Stadium

This wasn't how it was supposed to be. The one final game in Giants Stadium history was undoubtedly going to lead to a huge victory that catapulted the Giants right back into the playoff race with only one week to play. Apparently no one told the Giants – or the Panthers.

Carolina came into Giants Stadium and totally crashed the stadium-closing party, embarrassing the Giants to no end. Well, maybe at least the coaches. Because it sure didn't look like many of the Giants were ready to go in this one – at all.

Before the game on the NFL Network resident loudmouth Warren Sapp took a potshot at the Giants.

"This is a mindset game and the Giants just have not committed themselves this year to be a tough ball club," Sapp said.

The only problem was that Sapp was 100 percent correct. The Giants haven't been physically or mentally tough enough all season.

What kind of team puts forth that type of effort with former greats like Lawrence Taylor in the building? The kind of squad that basically doesn't much care whether or not it even reaches the playoffs.

The grand old building – and the scores of fans that have attended games during the past 34 years – surely deserved much better.

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