Giant Legend Embarrassed by Effort

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – Hall-of-Fame linebacker Harry Carson has been through his share of tough times with the Giants. But even he admitted that he was surprised by New York's lack of effort and effectiveness in what amounted to a must-win game in their finale at Giants Stadium.

"To me, it was embarrassing," Carson told a small group of reporters outside the Giants locker room. "There was shoddy tackling, mental errors and all of that stuff."

Carson recalled that late Giants owner Wellington Mara always tried to instill a certain pride in his players, something that was noticeably absent in the current Giants as the Panthers blitzed Big Blue, 41-9.

"I don't necessarily see that same pride," Carson continued. "I don't see where the pride is coming from."

There obviously wasn't a whole bunch of pride on the defensive end, where the Giants seemingly missed tackle after tackle. Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart rumbled for 206 yards, which served as the third-highest total ever against the Giants and the most by an opponent in what was New York's final game in Giants Stadium.

"We didn't tackle well," an exasperated Tom Coughlin said. "We didn't play with great energy."

"The way we played today is unacceptable," Michael Boley said. "To come out and lay an egg like we did was tough. We had everything to play for. We just couldn't seem to do anything right."

Justin Tuck was confident that the better team didn't win the game, but that did little to soothe New York's pain.

"We had everything at stake and they were just playing for pride," Tuck said. "I guess pride won today. What can you say? It was 41-9.

"As for my vantage point, it's the lowest I've been in a Giants uniform."

Despite the overall awful performance, Coughlin was quick to dispute any claims that his team didn't have the acceptable desire to compete.

"We didn't play well," Coughlin said. ""I can't imagine not wanting it when you are in this position. We wanted it. We certainly didn't demonstrate anything, but we wanted it."

At this point obviously it doesn't much matter.

Lights out

While Giants Stadium will never see another Giants game, New York, for the first time in the past five years, will not see a playoff game. Heading into last Sunday only if all three important games went against Big Blue would the Giants be officially knocked out of contention. That's exactly how it unfolded. While the Giants were getting their doors blown off by the Panthers, Green Bay was handling the Seahawks. The capper came last Sunday night when Big Blue could only watch helplessly as the Cowboys clinched a playoff spot by knocking off the Redskins in Washington, surely enjoying eliminating the Giants in the process.

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