You Tell ‘em, John

It's almost certain that Giants President/CEO John Mara was well aware of what his general manager Jerry Reese and head coach Tom Coughlin had said in their season-wrap briefings with the media. Both were critical of their players – but certainly not nearly enough after one of the worst, most embarrassing Giants seasons in quite some time.

This was a team that many expected to make a legitimate run at their second Super Bowl title in three seasons. Instead what all the fans and Giants ownership received was a club that looked like it was only interested in running to the offseason. As the rival Cowboys, Eagles and Jets opened the postseason Saturday, the Giants were already well out of the national news.

That's why a very frustrated, very angry Mara followed his two leaders and stepped in front of the media and sternly declared that the Giants were not good enough – not even close – in 2009. And that this type of performance wouldn't be allowed to continue.

Yes, he made it perfectly clear that both Reese and Coughlin are secure in their jobs – and that's to be understood. They've earned the right for one more go-around after achieving so much less than two years ago.

But Mara also made it perfectly clear that he didn't agree with all that Reese and Coughlin had to say only minutes earlier on Jan. 4, one day after New York showed an utter lack of professionalism and pride in being blown out by the Vikings in Minnesota.

"Probably as disappointed as I have ever been in my life with this team, given the expectations that we had this year, given the roster that I thought we had and given the way we started out and given the embarrassment of the last two games," Mara said.

Mara was asked what, specifically, disappointed him.

"Everything, I'm disappointed in everything," he said. "I'm unhappy at everybody. It is just not acceptable to perform like that. There are 8-8 seasons and there are 8-8 seasons. This one felt a lot more like 2-14 to me."

When Reese suggested that injuries might have had a little more to do with the Giants' failings than many were willing to admit Mara clearly and swiftly disagreed.

"I know we had some injuries, but I don't think we had catastrophic injuries," Mara said. "There is no excuse for performing the way we performed over basically the last 11 weeks."

And without naming names, he obviously took another swipe at Reese and his personnel department.

"Obviously our roster isn't as good as we thought it was," Mara continued. "So we need to take a look at that. We are going to have to discuss everything at this point. I don't think we can take anything for granted after the way this season ended."

While Coughlin stated that he believed the season-finale disaster wasn't from a lack of effort, Mara stated otherwise.

"Given the expectations that we had, given the roster that we thought we had coming into the season and we start out 5-0," he said. "And you start thinking about the postseason. We just did not expect it to end this way, particularly the last two weeks.

"Lack of mental and physical toughness and, quite frankly, a lack of effort over the last two weeks. That is just something that I never expected to see from this group of players."

Now it's time for the Giants to go about fixing their myriad problems. One thing is certain, though, as they embark on what appears to be quite a challenging project: Mara won't leave any stone unturned. And for that, Giants fans should be very thankful.

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