Karlos On Way To NY?

Not long ago, the Giants were stacked with linebackers. Fierce, intimidating LBs that forced New York's opponents to alter their offensive schemes and plans. Those days are long gone – and the Giants need to do something about it.

The signing last offseason of Michael Boley sure was a start, as was the release of Antonio Pierce, who had some great times with the Giants but whose best days are clearly behind him.

Now it's time for Big Blue to make their biggest defensive move in years – reeling in free agent Arizona LB Karlos Dansby. For strategic reasons, it's obvious why Jerry Reese hasn't yet tipped his hand about New York's free agency plans, with the NFL shopping spree set to begin on Friday. But Reese has to do something to improve what was just an awful defense last season – and signing Dansby would be a great start.

The seventh-year former Auburn product is clearly one of the top LBs on the market and Reese needs to show his players, coaches and fans that he's serious about improving – and quickly. In addition to averaging 114 tackles the past two seasons, the playmaking Dansby has also picked off 10 passes and forced 12 fumbles in his career.

With two studs like Dansby and Boley on the outside, it wouldn't much matter who played in the middle. Heck with new coordinator Perry Fewell at the helm, Dansby could play both inside and out.

He's not going to be a savior by any stretch, but Karlos Dansby would go a long way to toward restoring the defensive pride the Giants rode all the way to a championship just a mere two seasons ago.

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