The Scoop on TGI's Guy

TGI has made no bones about the fact that we believe signing free agent LB Karlos Dansby would go a very long way toward restoring New York's defensive pride. So we checked in with's Amberly Dressler, who covered Dansby while he was with the Cards. Here's what Dressler had to say about one of Big Blue's top free-agent targets:

Karlos Dansby will be chasing the paycheck this offseason, but his contributions to the Arizona Cardinals shouldn't be undervalued. Dansby has meant a lot to the organization both on and off the field. He's a locker room guy who became a leader for the Cardinals. On the field, Dansby holds up well against both the run and the pass. His real value is his versatility.

However, there were stretches throughout last season where the Cardinals didn't see as much production as they would have liked from their playmaker. Dansby really needed that game-ending fumble recovery for a touchdown in overtime against the Packers. While Dansby still has a lot of football in him, he appears to be a quick fix for struggling defenses.

The days of an eight sack or four forced fumble seasons could be behind him and that's something teams will have to think about. On the flip side, Dansby has twice the athleticism than most. He's only ever been a Cardinal. A change in location and all the attention that goes along with it could make for another career season.

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