Rolle Expects to Make Major Impact

Antrel Rolle was certainly not lacking in confidence when he met with the New York media on a phone conference call Saturday morning. Here's Part One of Rolle's initial Q&A as a Giant.

Q: What are your thoughts on how quickly things changed – you were cut by the Cardinals and ended up with the Giants so early in free agency?

Rolle: "It was greatly anticipated that I would be released from the Cardinals due to the fact that they owed me a little over 12 million for the season. The process was explained to me pretty well by my agent, Drew Rosenhaus. He explained how the process would go. He furthermore explained that the top guys on the market normally sign within that 24-hour range. I'm just extremely ecstatic and fortunate that I became one of those unique guys.

Q: What was the main point that caused you to sign with the Giants as opposed to going back to Arizona?

Rolle: "It pretty much came down to a decision I had to make, because the Cardinals were willing to match any offer the Giants had on the table. It came down to the fact of, did I want to become a Giant or did I want to stay an Arizona Cardinal? A lot of things came into effect on a personal note. For the most part, when I came here yesterday to visit the New York Giants, it reminded me of a feeling I once had when I went to visit the University of Miami when I was being recruited at the collegiate level. I just felt like I was at home here. From that point on, it made the decision a lot easier. But at the same time, it was a very tough decision, probably one of the most difficult decisions I've ever had to make in my life, due to the fact that I knew I was leaving behind some close and personal friends, as well as coaches I had established a relationship with."

Q: Were you able to meet with Perry Fewell?

Rolle: "I met with Coach Fewell. Upstanding guy. Great guy. We've had some in-depth conversations. I think we have a great understanding of what each other is trying to get done for this organization. And I think we're going to make a dynamic unit."

Q: Re: Interchangeable safeties with Kenny Phillips:

Rolle: "I think that's what they're going to look at, because without a doubt we are both interchangeable safeties. We both are very versatile. We can handle multiple positions and multiple tasks at hand. I think that will best benefit our secondary back there."

Q: How well do you know Kenny Phillips, who you preceded at Miami?

Rolle: "I know Kenny quite well."

Q: Re: relationship with Phillips on and off the field:

Rolle: "I met Kenny actually before he stepped onto the grounds at the University of Miami. I first met him at award ceremony and I actually had to present him with an award. From that point on I knew he was a standup guy - a first-class guy all the way, a dynamic athlete and just a great overall person, a person you would want to have on your team. But most of all, a great individual in himself."

Q: How good of a safety tandem do you think you two can be?

Rolle: "The best in the league, hands down. I know what we're capable of and I know as a unit, what abilities we have in order to get things done. It's going to be up to us to establish that relationship and that chemistry to make sure we're on the same page and to make sure we're all one within this secondary. The sky's the limit for us. We're definitely going to go out there and make things happen."

Q: Was one of the reasons you chose the Giants because of Kenny and the chance to become the best tandem?

Rolle: "Yes. I was extremely excited when this opportunity presented itself. Being back there with a fellow UM guy and a guy I know whose potential is going to be maximized, my potential is going to be maximized with him and I think we're going to push each other hand-in-hand. I think it's going to be a dynamic duo."

Q: Who gets to wear the No. 21 jersey?

Rolle: "That's his jersey. He's been a Giant before I got here. He's earned that jersey. That's a very valuable number to me. But I'm going to be in a new system. It's time for me to start over and make another number for myself. And I will do that."

Q: Are you motivated to help make the Giants defense dominant again?

Rolle: "I'm extremely motivated about that. As you know, the Arizona Cardinals weren't always the Cardinals of last year. It's something you have to build from the ground up. Being that this team is only three years removed from the Super Bowl, I think that speaks for itself. The Giants team is a great. They had a couple of mishaps last year. A couple of things went in the wrong direction. That's where leadership comes into play. That's a role I'm looking forward to having with this unit. I'm going to make sure I lead by example. It's not going to going to be talk – I'm going to lead by example. I tell my guys to follow my lead, match my intensity. And that's what I'm going to bring to the table."

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