TGI Goin' RB

There's no doubt that Reese and Co. are going to select a linebacker during the first round – and opening night – of the 2010 Draft. It's just a matter of which one. Rolando McClain. Brandon Graham. Sean Weatherspoon. Brandon Spikes.

Or maybe it'll be another DT or CB to solidify Perry Fewell's defense. Nope. TGI has a weird feeling the Giants are going to go way out of the box and select Clemson RB C.J. Spiller.

One of TGI's flies on the wall saw a Giants scout following Spiller pretty much everywhere except into the bathroom during Clemson's Pro Day. Now, we all know this doesn't mean a whole lot, because scouts and personnel people are known for latching onto highly-prized college recruits all the time. But with the shaky status of New York's backfield after last season, who's to say that the Giants don't believe that RB is much more of a need than the fans and media do?

Heck, it wouldn't be the first time they've fooled us all. While all the fans and media want this guy or that guy, don't be surprised if C.J. Spiller, the total package at running back, is your guy on the night of April 22.

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