TGI Handles The Draft: Round 1

The Giants have all seven of their own picks in the draft. So far, they have not traded any away or received any from trades. The compensatory picks have not been announced yet; we are unsure if they will receive any or, if they do, what round they will be.

Round One – At season's end the prime needs for the Giants were safety and a couple of linebackers. The signing of Antrel Rolle took care of the safety need. Now they can go after LBs. OK we will admit it. This pick may be more of a wish than a reality, but we really want Rolando McClain badly to replace Antonio Pierce. There is likely a 60/40 chance he will not last until the 15th pick, but if he gets to 10 we would strongly consider trying to move up to get him. He recently announced that he suffers from Crohn's disease, but he is able to control it with medication and diet. Perhaps that revelation will cause him to fall a few more spots. McClain checked in at the combine at 6-3 and 254. He was the leader of Nick Saban's national championship defense, which says a lot. We view him as an instant starter at MLB. He is a no-nonsense guy who works hard to be an excellent player. McClain is a playmaker, which is something we haven't seen at MLB since the early days of Pierce. He is tremendous at the point of attack. He is very smart and will have no trouble getting everyone lined up properly. He is like a coach on the field. He has all the qualities of a leader.

In case McClain doesn't fall to the Giants or they are unable to trade up without giving away their draft, they will need a backup plan. There are plenty of other guys we would consider with this pick like Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee; Brian Price, DT, UCLA; Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB, TCU; Derrick Morgan, DE/OLB, Georgia Tech; Brandon Spikes, MLB, Florida; and Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri.

We are very intrigued with Brandon Spikes, a true MLB. Spikes presents a dilemma in that the 15th pick might be too high for him, but he almost certainly will be gone when their second-round pick comes up. We are also a big fan of Sean Weatherspoon. He plays with fire and emotion and from what we saw last season the Giants could use some of both. Weatherspoon has great fundamentals and he is an outstanding tackler. At the Combine he was 6-1 and 239. He ran in the low 4.6 range in the forty, which is very good. At Missouri he was an outside linebacker. His size right now is just a bit small for MLB, but we believe he will add size and we strongly believe he can make the switch inside.

So if we can get McClain he would definitely be our pick, but our fallback option is Sean Weatherspoon.

Round One: Rolando McClain, MLB, Alabama (Plan B: Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri)

Sabo's summary:

1. Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama (or Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri)
2. Daryl Washington, LB, TCU
3. Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale
4. Art Jones, DT, Syracuse
5. Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa
6. Nate Byham, TE, Pittsburgh
7. Matt Tennant, C, Boston College

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