Keep a Hopeful Eye On…

It seems pretty certain that Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain will be gone when the Giants select with the 15th pick in Thursday evening's first round. It also seems pretty certain that the club, certainly not deep in talented backers at this point, is pretty enamored with McClain as well.

It's believed that clubs picking before the Giants might be willing to trade down, which would enable Big Blue to get in range to grab McClain. Teams like Jacksonville (selecting 10th) and Miami (12th) might be willing to swap selection spots with the Giants, which would enable them to land the jewel defender they desire and so desperately need.

A 6-4, 255 junior eligible, McClain possesses a rare blend of size and speed, which gives him the ability to totally take over a game. He's quick to diagnose the play in front of him, and even quicker to arrive to make the play. McClain's also built up quite a deserved reputation as a big-time hitter.

While the Giants haven't exactly brought down the house with their recent LB draft picks, there seems to be little to no doubt that McClain is about as can't miss a pick as there is at linebacker this year.

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