Ourlads on Jones

No one's better at assessing collegiate talent than Ourlads' Scouting Services. Here's what they had to say about New York's third-round pick, LSU safety Chad Jones.

Junior entry. Started 18 games over two years. Outstanding athletic ability. Plays outfield on the Tigers baseball team. Big physical safety that can cause train wreck type impacts over the middle. See Arkansas and Alabama games. Picks his spots, but he has it in him on run support. Good speed for a big man.

Good foot quickness and hip flexibility. Quick change of direction. Smooth in his turning ability. Has burst quickness and timing to bat down passes. Decent arm length. Drives hard on the ball in front of him. Stays on his feet and plays off blockers. Has tackling courage. Good visual skill to find the ball in the air. A competitor with confidence. An ascending player that needs technique refinement but has the talent to make plays on Sundays. Question instincts at times not getting the overlap with the corner on deep routes. Plays on punt coverage teams and will contribute on the next level. Had 150 career tackles along with 15 passes broken up, 5 interceptions, and 3 forced fumbles.

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