Two WRs Retire as True Giants

Make no mistake about it – both Ike Hilliard and David Tyree could play a little football. Perhaps you remember Hilliard's fearlessness in catching everything imaginable over the middle, or Tyree's 'somewhat' memorable grab (pictured) to help the Giants win the Super Bowl just three short years ago.

But the first thing that comes to mind when either of these guys is brought up is the fact that they're just plain great people. So many times the sport of football strips the humility from young athletes and adds unnecessary ego to others. Neither was even close to the case for Hilliard and Tyree. Their teammates loved them; so did their coaches. They both had great rapport with the media and, partially as a result, they became fan favorites as well.

While they might not go down as two of the best receivers in NFL history, there's no doubt that they're going down as two of the best guys this grand game has ever seen. Congrats to both Ike Hilliard and David Tyree and enjoy your big, final day as Giants. You certainly deserve it.

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