New D Sure to Please

In addition to a new attitude, new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell is bringing with him a different avenue for his defensive backs to defend the opposition. Cornerbacks coach Peter Giunta explained during the first day of camp that the Giants old style of pass defense will now have some company.

While the Giants will still utilize the art of players matching up their routes first and then reading the QB, they're also going to have the DBs focus on the quarterback from the snap and then match up on the receivers and the routes they're running after that.

"We're going to have more eyes on the quarterbacks, and guys looking at the quarterback and breaking on the ball," Giunta said. "That way everyone will be seeing and breaking on the ball.

"We're going to mix the two, which will keep the quarterback off-balance. They're not going to be sure what we're playing, as long as we can disguise it well. If we can mix the two together, and lean toward the strength of our team, that'll be a huge plus for us."

As a result, the Giants hope that their defensive backs will not only improve their interception numbers, but also lower the opponents' yards after catch stats. The downside, according to Giunta, is that quarterbacks will usually have a higher completion percentage. But if all goes well, it's obviously a trade the Giants would be willing to make. Needless to say the players are excited about the new scheme.

"They're definitely more excited about it," Giunta said. "Anytime you change something they get excited about it. They're a very receptive group. But they also want to make plays. Corners want to have pass breakups, they want to have interceptions. They don't want to just cover a guy all game. If you're a little off the receiver you can bait the quarterback and make a play on the ball."

Fab four: Giunta also stated that he's looking at the Giants top four CBs as "four starters," even though it's likely that Terrell Thomas and Corey Webster will earn the top two spots. But Giunta is expecting a big year from Aaron Ross, who suffered multiple injuries that derailed him last year.

"Ross did a good job of getting himself ready for the season," Giunta said.

The CBs coach also said that Bruce Johnson, a second-year player, will be a big part of the defense as well.

No doubts for KP: On Sunday, the most asked-about injured Giant, Kenny Phillips, said there was no doubt that he was going to play this season.

Four pass on test: Four Giants did not run the conditioning tests Sunday morning. They were newly-signed LB Keith Bulluck and three players rehabbing injuries – S Kenny Phillips, RB Ahmad Bradshaw and OL Kevin Boothe.

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