Bradshaw Won't be Denied

Aug. 7: With numerous players in the practicing once-a-day category, there's no doubt that Ahmad Bradshaw had every right to be in that group as well – except that he refused to be.

Bradshaw had an operation following the 2009 season in which cracked bones in both of his feet and bone spurs in his right ankle were repaired. But six months later, Bradshaw has participated in every training camp practice, not because the coaches are pushing him, but because he insisted on it.

"I said I wanted to go play two-a-days," Bradshaw said. "They said the one-a-day guys will practice in the evening, and I just felt that I could practice both times. So I thought I should practice for both practices."

Bradshaw clearly came to camp prepared – mentally and physically.

"I worked hard this offseason just to get used to the pounding and getting used to working my feet twice a day," Bradshaw said. "Just running twice a day. I felt that I was going to come out here and practice twice a day.

"I just felt like coming out and practicing twice a day would really help our team as much as possible. Sitting out practice would hurt me. When you sit out of practice, and when you sit out for a day or two, it hurts to come back and get your feet back under you when you're a running back. I feel that practicing twice a day will keep my feet back under me. At least if I have to take off a couple of plays or just do a couple plays a day.

"I feel 100 percent compared to last year."

Bradshaw said he still feels the bad taste that last season's disappointing running game left in his mouth.

"We have some hunger in our room," Bradshaw said. "Me and Brandon (Jacobs) are roommates, and we talk every day about how hungry we are and how excited we are to be running this team.

"I'm expecting a lot more from the offense, and I'm expecting to help out a lot."

Picks aplenty: Corey Webster and Sha'reff Rashad intercepted passes in the morning practice. Webster picked off Eli Manning when he took advantage of Mario Manningham slipping while running a pattern. Rashad made a nice interception of Rhett Bomar's pass down the middle for Bear Pascoe.

On the line: The Giants exchanged offensive linemen on their roster. Rueben Riley, who hurt his MCL on the final play of practice Aug. 6, was waived/injured. Filling his spot on the roster is Cliff Louis, who was on the Giants practice squad briefly in 2008 and in training camp last year. The 6-7, 300-pound Louis entered the NFL as a rookie free agent from Morgan State with the Cleveland Browns. In addition to the Giants, he has been on the practice squads of the Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars, but has yet to play in a regular season game.

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