Brown Back in Big Way

One of the most disappointing parts of last year's training camp came when promising rookie RB Andre Brown ruptured his Achilles' tendon and was lost for the entire season. Now, Brown is back as healthy as can be and has been very impressive during the first two weeks of camp. Needless to say everyone in Giantsland is thrilled to have him back.

"Absolutely, very much so," Tom Coughlin said. "He's had a good camp, he was on the goal line the one time we were live and he did a nice job." Coughlin said Brown looks like the explosive back who was earning playing time as a rookie before he was hurt.

"He doesn't look like there's any real effect in terms of speed," Coughlin said. "He looks very, very close to normal."

Actually Brown insists he's better than that.

"I'm not going to lie, I feel a little bit faster," Brown said. "But everything is back as far as football-wise and contact, that's still coming because I took a year off. I haven't hit anybody in awhile, so that's coming with every practice. The more practices that I go through, the better I feel and the more I feel comfortable out there."

Brown is obviously in a battle for playing time with Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw and DJ Ware, all who are ahead of him on the depth chart. But Brown's work in the spring camps and at the University at Albany has caught the attention of his coaches.

"It's hard to judge a guy until he's actually played a game," running backs coach Jerald Ingram said. "But as far as his heart, his desire, you get even hungrier when you sit around all year long. He has that heart and desire; he just needs reps to play to be an NFL player. I haven't seen an NFL player just step on the field and play yet, but I'm looking for one."

For Brown, that opportunity is only two days away – when he'll attend his first-ever NFL contest.

"I've never been to an NFL game," Brown said. "Since I was little, I had this little thing that my first NFL football game will be the first one I'm playing in."

Brown could barely withhold his excitement as he thought about making his NFL debut. "It's going to be emotional," he said. "There might be a tear before I come out there, but you know, I'm just excited to go out there."

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