Fact or Fiction

Disappointed about Sunday's performance in a 38-13 loss, Jaguars fans are looking for answers and reasons why their team was embarrassed in San Diego. We are going to go through the myriad of reasons and excuses and explain which are legitimate.

Reason #1- The Jaguars can't win on the west coast. – FICTION

Although it's a fact that the Jaguars have been outscored 99-16 in their last three games in the Pacific Time zone, the flight, weather, time-zone change and lack of humidity had nothing to do with why the Jaguars were on the short end of another blowout. Jacksonville didn't look like a team that was unprepared, but they looked like a team that wasn't as good.

Reason #2- The defense stinks- SEMI-FICTION

The Jaguars defense gave up 477 yards and 38 points. Those are ugly facts. The Jaguars secondary is talent-deprived and Sean Considine played about as poorly as any Jags safety this side of Reggie Nelson. Still, Jacksonville forced three San Diego turnovers and held the Chargers at bay for a while before the proverbial roof caved in.

Reason #3- David Garrard isn't good enough- FACT

You simply cannot have your quarterback throw four interceptions and expect to win. What's worse is when your quarterback doesn't accept full responsibility.

I'm not shouldering all the blame for the quarterback rating but a lot of it is on me," Garrard said. "I'm a football player. I know there are going to be days you're not going to want to be a part of. You just have to overcome it. I don't know what to tell you. But you have to (overcome it). These guys in the locker room are depending on you to. As the quarterback, that is your job."

David Garrard's inconsistency is nothing new and the Jaguars won't be able to get where they want to go as a franchise until they get better play out of the position.

Reason #4- The offensive line was bad- FICTION

The Jaguars offensive line wasn't perfect, but they were pretty good. The Jags line only allowed four quarterback hits and two sacks, both of which the quarterback had ample opportunity to get rid of the ball.

Reason #5- The Jaguars aren't as good as the Chargers- FACT

Fans love to find excuses, but this is the only real reason you need to know. San Diego has an elite quarterback who can win games on his own and the Jaguars do not. The Chargers defense was better on Sunday and their secondary is exponentially more talented than Jacksonville's.

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