One Game at a Time

Coach Jack Del Rio is busy trying to guard against overconfidence this week as the Jaguars prepare to play an 0-4 Buffalo team coming off an emotional last-second victory over the Colts.

He kept talking about the Bills as if they were a 4-0 team Wednesday instead of an 0-4 team.

"They've got three former Jags on their defense with (Marcus) Stroud, Akin (Ayodele) and Drayton (Florence) and you always know you're going to get the very best from a former player, so we expect them to be inspired," he said.

"They're dealing with a lot of issues that we have been dealing with and I expect them to respond the same way that we have; continue to practice hard and look forward to the next opportunity to get things right. We're still in that mode," he said.

Del Rio knows the hype isn't what it was like for the Colts' game but he is treating it the same way.

"You just may not be covering us the same way, but we still feel we're in that mode and we're going to go up with a sense of urgency and a real desire to find a way to win this game any way we can. We know it's going to be a battle. We've played, like I said, the last four years and our games have been close and they've been hotly- contested. We expect Sunday to be the same," Del Rio said.

He added that the team is preparing the same way it did for the Colts even though they're facing a winless opponent.

"I don't think it's really any different than the previous week, except the questions are coming at us from a different angle. But win or lose you turn your attention to the next opponent and the next opportunity and the next set of challenges. There are personnel matchups that are different, there are scheme matchups that are different. The game plan is going to be tweaked a little bit here and there, their role may change a little bit here and there," he said.

The Jaguars are desperate to change their image of being a roller coaster team that plays well one week and then struggles the next week.

A loss to the winless Bills would wipe out the momentum they got from the Colts' win. And a loss to a winless team would be embarrassing for the Jaguars.

So in many ways they are a desperate team.

When he was asked how desperate teams respond, Del Rio said, "Well, we're going to find out how we respond on Sunday. That's how I feel about us right now."

Del Rio said the main things that changes when the Jaguars play a winless team is the questions they get about the team.

"I think the outside world maybe comes at you from a different angle. The professionalism, the discipline, the focus, those things are musts for us and it doesn't matter whether or not you're trying to bury the quarterback and the coach or whether you're trying to praise the quarterback and the coach and the team or whatever. We're about being professional, about preparing for our opportunity and making the most of it. And it's real easy to see reasons to need to prepare whenever you put on the tape of an NFL opponent. There are talented coaches and players everywhere, and it's a 'who's-who,' it's all-stars, like college all-star teams going to play. All you have to do is look at the individuals involved. Some teams get it going at different times, find their rhythm, and some teams don't. But right now we're just focused on finding our rhythm and doing all we can to keep them out of theirs. That's part of the preparation."

SERIES HISTORY: 10th regular-season meeting. Bills lead series, 5-4. The Jaguars won last year 18-15 and lost the previous season 20-16. The last three games between the teams were played in Jacksonville. The last game in Buffalo was in 2006 when the Bills won, 27-24.

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