Who is the Best Back?

Sunday's game is being billed as a duel between the Jaguars' Maurice Jones-Drew and the Titans' Chris Johnson. But Jones-Drew doesn't see it that way.

"If I was on defense, I'd consider it me versus Chris Johnson," Jones-Drew said. "I see it as our offense trying to do what we can against their defense, which has 22 sacks, and our defense trying to stop their explosive offense. That's what it comes down to.

"I know there are a lot of individual battles and a lot of people want to get into that, which is OK. I would love to do better than him, but that's not going to help us win."

Actually, it may be a factor. The last six Titans-Jaguars games have been won by the team with the most rushing yardage.

And running backs coach Ernest Byner, who coached Johnson last year in Tennessee, said the two players are very aware of what they do against each other.

"I may keep a running tally," Byner said.

Jones-Drew said, "Coach Byner is just stirring up the pot. If that happens, it happens, but for me it's more important to get a victory at the end of the day. The main stat you want is winning. If I outrush him and we lose, what is the point?"

In their most recent meeting, Nov. 1, 2009, the teams combined for 522 rushing yards and an NFL-record four rushing touchdowns of 50-plus yards. The Titans rushed for 305 yards, the most the Jaguars have ever given up.

Johnson rushed 24 times for 228 yards and had touchdown runs of 52 and 89 yards.

Jones-Drew rushed only eight times but had 177 yards, including touchdown runs of 80 and 79 yards.

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