Writing On the Wall?

After nearly four years as the Jaguars starting quarterback, it appears as if David Garrard's run is nearing its end. Garrard left Monday night's embarrassing loss to the Tennessee Titans with what was being reported by the team as a concussion.

"I have to lean on the doctors," Jack Del Rio speculatively said of his quarterback's health. "He wasn't able to return. What he indicated to me is that he thought he banged his head on the ground, that's what caused it."

Garrard was nowhere to be found following the game on Monday and he hasn't been back to the Jaguars facilities since. When asked if Garrard was at the hospital, Del Rio answered, "no".

Although it's difficult to speculate on the severity of the quarterback's alleged injury, the hit Garrard took from Titans linebacker WIll Witherspoon didn't look nearly as severe as many seen in the NFL over the weekend. The way Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio spoke about Garrard's ailment, reiterating that he didn't see the what happened, It seems more than possible that the Jaguars quarterback was benched for the second time this season and the fourth time in his career.

"I didn't see the actual blow," Del Rio explained. "But that's what he said."

Up to his injury, Garrard had led the team on four possessions to a pair of three-and-outs, and one very poorly thrown interception. None of the four drives crossed over into Titans territory and by the time backup Trent Edwards entered the game, the Jaguars found themselves down 17-0.

"It was just in a tough situation," Jaguars quarterback Trent Edwards who took over for Garrard said. "We got down. I think when I got in, we were down 17-zero and the turnovers and not converting on third down, leaving our defense out there on the field too long…those are issues and reasons why we lost the game the way we did tonight. "

Since signing his six-year, $60 million contract extension after the 2007 season, the 32-year old Garrard has been mediocre at best. He has led the team to consecutive last place finishes with a 15-23 record as a starter since inking the contract. Garrard has also led the NFL in red zone turnovers over the past two plus seasons. The ninth-year pro from East Carolina isn't the only reason for the Jaguars losing record, but he's the man that takes the snaps for an offense that's finished no better than 24th in the league in scoring over the past two seasons.

"Anytime you go back, the quarterback is going to take the lion's share, the head coach, we'll take the lion's share. That's just the way it works, we understand that," Del Rio said of the poor performance.

With the uncertainly and lack of information about David Garrard's injury status, coupled with the fact Garrard has neither been to the hospital nor to the Jaguars facilities since Monday afternoon, it appears that there's more than meets the eye with this particular situation.

At 32-years old, David Garrard isn't getting any younger, nor is he getting any better. It has become abundantly clear that the Jaguars will be nothing more than a mediocre franchise with the veteran as their starting quarterback. Over the past few seasons they've said goodbye to veteran stars such as Fred Taylor, Mike Peterson, Marcus Stroud and John Henderson. With three different quarterbacks signed by the team in the past month, it appears as if the team is looking for an upgrade at that position as well.

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